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Who Has a Sweeter Price for Nestle?

Nestle is considering selling off some of his brands.  Around six months ago, the world’s largest food and beverage company – possibly most well-known and loved for its candy collection – discussed this as one of its possible strategic options.

Said to be valued at between $2 and $2.5 billion, the U.S. entity of the Swiss-originated company has since then received bids from The Ferrero Group (best-known for its Ferrero Rocher bonbons and Nutella spread) and The Hershey Co. (one of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers).

Question is of course – like with many business transactions – which of these two giants is prepared to put up more money.  Right now it looks like Ferrero is willing to be “more aggressive” in its bidding.

Of course, the candy-snack market has evolved and somewhat changed over the years, as people seek out more “good for you” and less fattening snacks like popcorn.  But still, as executive director of food and consumer trends at investment bank Rabobank Nicholas Freeday pointed out: “Candy is too ingrained in our culture for it not to be an interesting category for investors,” indicating that whoever does win the bidding war for Nestle will certainly get a ‘sweet deal.’


Plantagon Building New Indoor Farming Office Building

Business and sustainability are becoming increasingly linked as innovative companies begin to focus on our carbon footprint and potential contribution to the environment. At the same time, the world’s population is growing rapidly, and especially in urban areas, leaving cities in need of creative solutions for feeding all of those people. Plantagon, a Swedish food-tech… Continue Reading

Toys ‘R’ Us Expanding in Asia

Children’s retailer Toys ‘R’ Us is currently looking to expand its Asia business. As income levels in the region increase, the demand for higher-end toys is growing. The U.S. company has teamed up with the billionaire Fung Brothers to further their dealings in the Asia Pacific sector. Bloomberg reports: Continue Reading

Amazon to Move Into Health Sector

Amazon recently decided to enter the health industry, despite some misgivings. CEO of Walgreens Stefano Pessina believes the health sector is too complicated to be a good market for Amazon. Amazon has “opportunities around the world and in other categories, which are much, much simpler than health care, which is a very regulated business,” he… Continue Reading

Disney Entfernt Filme von Netflix, Startet Einen Separaten Streaming-Service

Disney hat kürzlich angekündigt, dass es seine Filme von der Online-Streaming Plattform Netflix entfernen und stattdessen einen eigenen direkten Streaming-Service starten wird. Der neue direkte Streaming-Service von Disney wird in 2019 eingeführt, zuerst in den USA und später für internationele Zuschauer. Gemäß des Disney CEOs Bob Iger hat Disney eine gute Partnerschaft mit Netflix. Die… Continue Reading

Disney to Remove Movies from Netflix, Launch Separate Streaming Service

Disney has recently announced that it will be removing its movies from online streaming platform Netflix, and launching its own direct streaming service instead. The new branded direct-streaming service is expected to launch in 2019, beginning in the US and later branching out to international viewers as well. According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, Disney… Continue Reading

Silverfern Releases Overview of 2016 Investments

The Silverfern Group recently held its annual 2017 meeting in NYC. The firm provided an overview of its investments and growth in 2016. Specializing in investment management in areas including middle market private equity, real estate and private debt, Silverfern is run by co-Managing Partners Clive Holmes and Reeta Holmes. At the event, Clive Holmes… Continue Reading