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North America’s Wheat Flour Market: C.H. Guenther & Son

C.H. Guenther & Son – a company that was established in 1851 in Texas, today has over 3,500 staff spanning 24 locations throughout America, Canada and Western Europe.  It was originally started with Carl Hilmar Guenther building a flour mill near Fredericksburg, TX but eight years later when a new steam mill was constructed, Guenther sold the original one to his father in law, bought a site in San Antonio (building a home nearby) and 9 years later built a second mill.

Fast forward a century+ and in 1972, White Wings Flour Tortilla Mix more-or-less becomes a household name! By 2005 the company has become one of McDonald’s go-to bun and muffin supplier and since then more companies have been acquired with more bakers opened throughout Europe and North America.

So it’s a good company to be with.  Which is why we suspect John D. Buckles might have been quite delighted with his appointment as CEO and President of the firm, replacing Dale W. Tremblay who led the firm since 2001.  Prior to this role (which he took on at the end of April), Buckles joins C.H. Guenther & Son was Chief Commercial Officer at Ventura Foods, and before that, he held executive roles at: The Cocoa-Cola Company, The Kellogg Company and the PepsiCo Company.

Of his appointment Buckles said: “I am thrilled to join Dale and the entire CHG team to honor the 170-year family legacy of this great company. I have long admired CHG’s culture, product quality, customer partnerships and manufacturing expertise. I look forward to continuing CHG’s commitment to building lasting relationships and its passion for innovating remarkable food solutions. With three acquisitions since 2018, CHG has continued to grow and enhance our leading product offering for our customers As I hand the baton to John and assume the role of Chairman of CHG’s Board, I am confident John is the right leader for CHG’s next phase of growth. I am eager to support John through the transition as he drives new business opportunities, evaluates add-on acquisitions and further strengthens our critical customer relationships.”

In general the wheat flour market is a good one to be in right now.  An IMARC Group Report showed that in 2019 the market reached 12.3 million tons.

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