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When Trust is Your Business

A lot of what financial investment management firms do and how successful they are, depends on the trust and reputation they earn from their customers and the public.  Thus when faced with any kind of investigative situation, the way they react is essential for how they will continue business transactions.

Recently, Essex Financial in Connecticut was forced to encounter such a situation.  The firm was accused of a misdemeanor in securing an account which led to government investigations.  But thankfully as CEO and President Charles R. “Chuck” Cumello Jr. pointed out, it was “handled the way [it] should [have been],” emphasizing the importance of the business as part of a “trust” industry which has both “a right way and a wrong way” to handle such situations. So Essex Financial “did what [they] had to do.”

Today, Essex Financial is one of the largest independent financial-services companies in Connecticut.  Essex Financial also has offices in Farmington, Madison, Southport and West Hartford.

Senior Homes: Being Proactive

With the baby boomers coming into their post-retirement years, the advancement of medicine and enhanced quality of life extended, the need to take care of seniors has never been greater. There are many different choices available, but for the ultimate peace of mind, nursing homes seem to be the way forward. It can be very… Continue Reading

Three Funds Flying with Its Investors

There are two basic models for fund managers managing other people’s money. Managers can take their client’s money, and work hard to give them the best results based on what the manager knows are the client’s goals. Some investors might want quick returns on liquid assets. Others might prefer long term returns on less accessible… Continue Reading

IRS and New Estate Tax Rules: Opinion

Through the process of its amended tax law regulations, the IRS is likely to encounter hostility at the upcoming December 1 hearing on the matter. Much of the discussion will focus on whether or not it will be accused of “overstep[ing] its authority” in this regard. What are the experts saying on this? Pioneer Wealth… Continue Reading

Ten Highest Paying Cities in the US

In some cities more than others, “it’s all about the money.” Although most of the time more goes into the equation of where someone is going to live than just potential salary, knowing where the highest paying jobs are located can help influence that decision. US News recently released its Best Jobs Rankings for 2016,… Continue Reading