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New York Times Buys ‘Serial’ Podcast’s Production Company Behind

New York Times Buys ‘Serial’ Podcast’s Production Company Behind

The New York Times, building on the success of the “Daily” podcast it parents, is expanding its role in audio journalism.

The Times Company bought Serial Productions, the company behind the hit podcast “Serial,” for $25 million. The purchase will facilitate the production company’s capacity to increase the number of shows it makes, and will allow for the promotion of those on  The Times’s channels (i.e. website, newsletters, and others).

“The idea is to drive New York Times readers and listeners toward Serial projects. There’s going to be ways that we can help Serial tell more stories, bigger stories and, down the road, figure out how our newsroom and theirs can coordinate even more deeply.”

Sam Dolnick, assistant managing editor responsible for NYT audio

“Serial,” came out in 2014 as a spinoff of “This American Life.” Serial Productions was established in 2017 by Julie Snyder, Sarah Koenig, the host of “Serial,” and Ira Glass, the host of “This American Life.”

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