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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Verizon’s Dividend Makes All The Difference

Verizon stock has been trading in a level band between $34 to $38 since the beginning of 2011. The company has the largest wireless telecommunications system in America. It company generally accomplishes its publicized goals. Verizon also issues dividends worth $2.00 per year or a 5.2 percent yield. In the last quarter, 882,000 new wireless… Continue Reading

Pacific Sunwear Of California Is Planning a Comeback

Pacific Sunwear of California is implementing a restructuring plan which will eliminate between 175-225 of their approximately 825 stores. These stores comprise between 21 to 27% of their stores and are the less profitable ones. They will then focus on their remaining 550-600 stores which are the more profitable ones. In addition, Pacific Sunwear has… Continue Reading

Pepco Holdings

Pepco Holding, Inc. (POM) is an energy company which has 1.9 million customers in new Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C.. PHI has 3 subsidiaries which provide electric power: Delmarva, Atlantic City Electric and Pepco. In addition, Delmarva Power supplies natural gas. Pepco is a Fortune 500 company. Pom’s stock has been going up since… Continue Reading

Alcatel-Lucent Communications

Alcatel-Lucent, S.A. (ALU) is a network solutions company that provides solutions to help service providers, business, and governments to provide data, voice and video communication services to end-users internationally. The company develops and markets software and related services to mange customer services over the mobile devices, the phone and the web. The company offers many… Continue Reading

Wireless Telecom Group Is Wired For Profit

Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. is has 3 business groups: Noise Com, Boonton Electronics, and Microlab, all of which are wholly owned subsidiaries. These companies provide a number of services in the communication industry. The group designs microwave based and radio frequency products for advanced communications and wireless markets. Wireless Telecom serves both government and corporate… Continue Reading

Mitel Network Corp. Reports Additional Profits To 2nd Quarter Results

Mitel Network Corp. (MITL) shares skyrocketed from $2.68 on Thursday to $3.55 on Friday. On Thursday evening Mitel reported adjusted second quarter profits much higher than expected and this caused the jump in stock price. These unexpected profits also led to a much greater trading volume of  Mitel shares than usual. Mitel is a communications… Continue Reading

Johnson & Johnson : Solid Company; Solid Investment

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) develops, manufactures and markets health care products on a global basis. JNJ has 3 product segments: consumer health care products, pharmaceutical products and medical devices and diagnostic products. Among the consumer products are those used for skin care, baby care, oral care, women’s health care, wound care, nutritional products etc. The… Continue Reading