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Bell Canada Enterprises, A Solid Company

BCE Inc. is one of the major Canadian telephone companies: Bell Canada Enterprises. It competes with Telus (TU), Rogers Communications (RCI), and many smaller companies such as Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity. The trend in the telephone industry is away from the traditional wired services and towards wireless services. The wireless services may be from an antenna network or via satellite. This trend means that the old wire networks will be used less each year and therefore will generate fewer profits. One of the strategies that the big telecoms use is to develop wireless business segments. They can either develop in house wireless capabilities and/or buy out competitors who have already developed wireless capabilities and market shares.

In terms of fundamentals, Bell Canada has good profitability figures. The operating margin (ttm) is 21.93% and the profit margin (ttm) is 11.87%. Management effectiveness is also good. The return on assets is 6.63% and the return on equity is 16.70%. Cash flow from operating activities is $4.79 billion. BCE also gives a dividend of $2.07 per share. Bell has raised the dividend rate 7 times over the last 5 years by a cumulative total of 57%.

Some of the mangers of CBE include Siim A. Vanaselja, Wade Osdterman and Kevin Crull.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is an insufficient basis for investment decisions. All decisions should be based on a thorough analysis of the investment.

CenturyLink third Largest Telcom in U.S.

CenturyLink, Inc. (CTL) is a telecommunications company which provides a range of telecommunications services, has a stock which is on the way up and also pays dividends. It is the 3rd largest telecom company in the U.S. and is on the Fortune 500 group of the U.S.’s largest corporations. It is also on the S&P… Continue Reading

Yuan Rises Over Dollar And Will Remain There

The Yuan reached an all-time high trading against the dollar and appears that it will appreciate 4% for the year 2011 according to traders. The currency will probably continues to appreciate in 2012 as China continues with large trade surpluses and despite American pressure to allow the Yuan to rise in order to balance bilateral… Continue Reading

Looking For a Stock That’s Going Up?

GNC Holdings Inc.’s stock has been rising since its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in April 2011. It started off at $16.75 and has risen to 28.65 over the past 8 months. That’s a 75% gain in 8 months. Could be worse! GNC Holdings is a retail marketer of health and wellness products. GNC markets minerals,… Continue Reading

IT Services Industry: CDI

CDI Corp. (CDI) may be planning to improve its business but its stock has been rising since the beginning of October. On December 8th, CDI announced a strategic plan to promote long-term company growth. This plan will improve key areas such as client relations, technical service, engineering solutions, IT solutions, staffing and other area. On… Continue Reading

IT Services Industry: Computer Task Group Inc.

Computer Task group, Inc. supplies IT solutions and staffing services mainly in Europe and North America. CTG’s services include selection and implementation of software packages. The company also makes and integrates new software systems and develops customized software solutions. The company provides solutions for health information management, medical care management, medical fraud, insurance assessments, and… Continue Reading

Information Technology Services Industry: Analysts International Corp.

Analysts International Corp. is one of many companies in the information technology services industry. Its services include internet technology staffing in the following formats: managed teams, solutions to project issues including solution implementations and system integration. The company also improves enterprise resource planning, implementation and also management services. It has 971 full-time employees. Analysts International… Continue Reading

Insider Trading: Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

On November 11th, one of the directors of Iridium Communications, Inc (IRDM), Scott L. Bok, bought 50,000 shares of Iridium’s stock for $357,000. From the first to the twelfth of December, company insiders purchased more than 80,000 shares of Iradium. On Wall Street, there’s a saying about insider buying: There are several possible reasons to sell stocks,… Continue Reading

Is NeuStar A Good Investment?

Are you interested in a stock that has steadily but slowly gone up from March 2009 to October, 2011 and since October has gone up from $25 to $34. Well NeuStar Inc (NSR) looks like the company. However, when we look under the surface, we see that the company has offered a tender to buy… Continue Reading

American Tower Is Standing Tall

American Tower Corporation (AMT) stock has been rising for the last three years. Three years ago it was $20.92 and today it is $58 .15. There have been a few ups and downs along the way but relative to market volatility, nothing drastic. In fact, the stock essentially continued to rise even though the market… Continue Reading