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Information Technology Services Industry: Analysts International Corp.

Analysts International Corp. is one of many companies in the information technology services industry. Its services include internet technology staffing in the following formats: managed teams, solutions to project issues including solution implementations and system integration. The company also improves enterprise resource planning, implementation and also management services. It has 971 full-time employees.

Analysts International services has  clients in the following industries: manufacturing, business, technology, finance, energy, insurance, retail, communications, healthcare, utilities and government. The company works in the United States.

Analysts’ management effectiveness ratios are as follows: return on assets of 8.92% and return on equity of 19.54% which are fairly good. The profitability ratios are less good but still profitable. The profit margin is 2.77% and the operating margin is  3.51%.

As far as the stock, now is not the time to buy. However, this is  a growing industry and I will also be reviewing other companies in this industry.

Some of the managers of this company are  Bill Wolff, Virgil Pint and  Brittany Mckinney.

Some competitors are: CIBER, Inc. (CBR) and Computer Task Group Inc. (CTGX).

While the Ciber Inc. and Analysts International Corp. stocks are declining, the Computer Task Group are doing well.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is insufficient to base investment decisions on. All decisions should be based on a thorough analysis of the investment.

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