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IT Services Industry: CDI

CDI Corp. (CDI) may be planning to improve its business but its stock has been rising since the beginning of October. On December 8th, CDI announced a strategic plan to promote long-term company growth. This plan will improve key areas such as client relations, technical service, engineering solutions, IT solutions, staffing and other area. On December 8th, the company also announced that it will be firing 200 people to cut costs.

The stock hit a 2 year bottom of $10.50 on August 18th and on October 1 it started to rise. The stock price rose from $10.30 to $13.02 on December 19th.  Interestingly enough, 32% of the shares are owned by company insiders. The above serves as a good buying sign.

So far the company’s profit and other statistics have not been very impressive, but if the new improvement plan works the company will take off, along with its stock.

Some of the mangers of of CDI are: Peggy Besand, Greg Thullner, Robert M. Larney, Brian D. Short, and Eric L. Moorehead.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is insufficient to base investment decisions on. All decisions should be based on a thorough analysis of the investment.

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