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Global Investments

There has been a steady increase in investments Singapore has made around the world over the last few years.  For example, while the figure in 2011 was $9 billion, by 2017 that had reached $19 billion.

America has not been the only region that has become attractive to Singapore although it is the area that is part of Singapore’s “global strategy.” In commercial property, Singapore put $1 billion into the US, which was even greater than the amount the Chinese invested.  According to a recent article by Forbes contributor Danielle Keeton-Olsen,  this is “a clear sign of the nation’s steady rise in global investments.”

For Singaporeans wishing to spread their wings in the legal field, the process is about to get a lot easier.  Thanks to a collaboration between the Law Society of Singapore, International Enterprise Singapore and the Ministry of Law, a program was just launched at the beginning of this month.  The Lawyers Go Global program is meant to give lawyers a boost in expanding their network outside of Singapore, providing trips, training and branding.

In addition, it is hoped that this will beef up Singapore’s status as a global legal hub. As Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance noted, this is helping lawyers to expand the market and giving lawyers greater options of additional places to offer their services, again impacting the overall Singaporean global investment industry.

Turkish and Emirates Air Exempt from US Laptop Exclusion

Passengers traveling on two major middle eastern airlines, Turkish Airways and Emirates Airlines, will be allowed to bring laptops into cabins during their flights to the United States, according to David Lapan, a spokesman for Homeland Security in Washington, DC. A third airline is also exempt from the new US restrictions, Abu Dhabi’s-Etihad Airlines. The… Continue Reading

Recent Nominations to the Trump Administration

In recent news, there have been a number of nominations for positions in the President Trump government that were just announced. Elaine McCusker has been nominated as Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, comptroller. She is the Director of Resources and Analysis at U.S. Central Command. Before this, she was a staff member on the… Continue Reading

FAA Issuing Drone Permits for Several Industry Uses

A study conducted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, a trade group for the burgeoning drone industry, investigated what businesses are increasingly using drones to improve efficiency and the bottom line. Of the 500 first permits granted to drone operators by the Federal Aviation Administration, 153 were granted to drone operators who use… Continue Reading

Alibaba Expanding to California in a “Very Strategic” Move

China’s gargantuan e-commerce company Alibaba is opening a cloud computing hub in Silicon Valley, its first such center outside of China. The move is in synch with their global ambitions despite tough competition in their niche. The California hub is at an undisclosed exact location, kept secret for security reasons.  It is situated somewhere in… Continue Reading

Tesla Offers Sweet Deal on Model S Leases

In another burst of “out-of-the-box” thinking, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk wrote in a blog on October 25 that customers leasing the company’s new Model S electric car will have the option of returning the car within 90 days and have the remainder of their lease obligation nullified. This offer is for purchasers of cars… Continue Reading