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What Small Business Owners Can Do Right Now

Building and sustaining a small business is no easy task. Marketing, developing, and producing products or services demand high levels of attention and involvement. This digital marketing checklist lays out simple and effective tips for businesses of any size.

Your brand’s identity is critical for marketing purposes, digital or otherwise. Articulate what makes your business special and project those qualities into all aspects of your company. The name, logo, font, pictures, social media presence, etc. should all channel these values.

digital marketing checklist

In today’s digital environment, a good website—with both desktop and mobile compatibility- is a must for any business. It is often the first point of contact for any customer and should be as presentable and professional as the rest of your company. Make sure to optimize your website for search so that you reach the clientele you want. Once your website is up and running, work to ensure that your customer service interactions are exemplary at all times. Your interactions with clients must be quick and courteous. Express appreciation for their patronage and set reasonable expectations for resolving any issues.

Even if you do not have a social media footprint for yourself, your business needs one. It is a great way to gain visibility for your business, generate traffic to your site, and build a community around your services.

digital marketing checklist

Adapt your tactics for each social media platform and generate unique content suited to the audience and “vibe.” Blogging is another great way to highlight your business and your personal flare. It is a prime SEO venue that you can control for keywords and links, further enhancing traffic to your site.

Remember, you may have the greatest business idea or product concept in the industry, but none of it will matter if nobody knows about it. Review and implement these ideas and checklist so that your business can thrive now and in the future.

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