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New York Colleges Offering More Tech-Ed

Five campuses of the City University of New York (CUNY) network are now offering more technology courses, bolstered faculty, and internship opportunities at local tech companies. This initiative is part of the city’s effort to double the number of CUNY alumni employed in the tech industry by 2022.

New York’s Department of Small Business Services is giving $4 million to the CUNY 2X Tech program, making the program’s budget to $24 million across eight CUNY campuses.

“This additional investment in N.Y.C. public colleges expands the pipelines of opportunities for New Yorkers to enter quality, well-paying careers in the tech sector. Local employers can now reach into a larger pool of home-grown talent to help their business and New York City’s economy grow.”

Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the Small Business Services Department

More than 1,000 students have already been trained by tech workers at Apple, Amazon, and Google, with some continuing on as fulltime employees.

Hunter, Lehman and City colleges already offer the enhanced tech programs. Brooklyn, Queens, Medgar Evers, John Jay Colleges, and the College of Staten Island will each be allocated $2 million over the next few years to expand their tech offerings.

Blackberry May Put Itself on the Market

Blackberry, previously known as RIM, is weighing its options as it continues to lose popularity throughout the hi-tech world. Though its keyboards are favored by many, the majority of Blackberry’s consumers have abandoned it for the iPhone and its look-alikes, including the Samsung Galaxy and Google’s Nexus. The Canadian smartphone company is considering selling, and… Continue Reading

Top 20 Most Profitable Companies

A Fortune 500 list has revealed the top 20 most profitable companies in 2012: Exxon Mobil————————————$41,060 million Chevron——————————————$26,895 million Apple—————— ————————— $25,922 million Microsoft—————————————- $23,150 million Ford Motor————————————–$20,213 million JP Morgan Chase & Co.———————-$18, 976 million American International Group——— $17, 798 million Wells Fargo————————————- $15, 869 million International Business———————$15,855 million Wal-Mart Stores——————————-$15,699 million General Electric——————————-$14,151… Continue Reading

Apple Drops Google Maps from iPhones and iPads

AskPrimerica says:"Primerica Blog – A Primerica forum that offers answers to common questions regarding consumer complaints, job scams and recruiting fraud."   —————— The feud between the two internet giants took a new turn as Apple announced at its 23rd annual developers conference that Apple will replace Google’s mapping service, which had been pre-installed in… Continue Reading

Great Google Perks

So why is it so great to work for Google anyway? For one thing, they make sure that their employees are happy with a capital ‘H.’ Out in Silicon Valley in Northern California Google employs about 32,000 people, working on projects as diverse as cell phone software to search algorithms. “People have a tendency in… Continue Reading

Google Putting Out $12.5 Billion to Buy Motorola Mobility

Google, Inc announced that it is purchasing Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. for $12.5 billion in cash. Motorola Mobility was separated from the main Motorola Company earlier this year. Google will pay $40.00 per share which equals a 63 percent premium to Motorola’s closing price on Friday. In premarket trading Motorola’s shares rose by 60% from… Continue Reading