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GM to Open Four New Technology Centers

General Motors has been expanding its staff throughout the U.S. Its project continues with their latest announcement, revealing plans to hire up to 1,500 workers for a computer technology center in Michigan, north of Detroit. According to, “it is part of a move to bring 90% of information technology in-house, which GM believes will… Continue Reading

U.S. Economy Slowing Once Again

Despite hopeful outlooks and talks of growth, the U.S. economy is floundering. Winter activity was strong, but as the weather warmed, consumers cut back on their spending while export demand fell as well. Gas prices rose, while businesses minimized their employment plans and investments. The situation remains at a relative standstill as individuals and companies… Continue Reading

College Graduates Struggle With Job Searches

A national survey recently revealed that although 2012 has seen some significant improvement, more than 50% of new college graduates will struggle to find work over the course of the next few months. According to the Birmingham News, “Lack of jobs, not qualifications, is the top reason recent college graduates and post-graduates are unemployed and… Continue Reading

Top 20 Jobs of 2012

Jobs in the business sector are undeniably some of the best out there today. In fact, six of the top twenty careers are business-related, according to a list from U.S. News. The Best Jobs of 2012 include: Meeting, Convention and Event Planner Sales Representative Accountant Receptionist Financial Adviser Customer Service Representative HR Specialist Insurance Agent… Continue Reading

British Homes in Slump

Bad News for British Housing Market While Scotland may be doing well in the economic recovery sphere vis-à-vis employment, the picture doesn’t look quite as pretty when you turn to Britain’s housing market. Indeed, just since 2007, prices have dropped by £40,000 and there isn’t expected to be any improvement until around 2015. Just in… Continue Reading

Successful Scots Sign Off

It looks like there will be less singing on for the Scots. Figures for unemployment are going down in the country. Indeed, there was a significant increase in permanent job recruitment in Scotland last month, which is actually the “strongest labor market conditions for more than three years,” according to a survey carried about by… Continue Reading

Mid-East Mess Pumps Up the Gas

Again with the crisis in the Middle East; again with the impact this is having on the global economy vis-à-vis oil prices. But apparently all might not be lost.  Today in America, it might actually be worth your while to shop around before you pump up your gas.  Yet the naysayers aren’t convinced.  They are… Continue Reading