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Plexi-Craft: A New York Business in Demand

Plexi-Craft used to be a simple, swanky, high-end, Bronx-based furniture factory. Now it is one of the country’s most sought after businesses.

The 60-year-old company has a long history of acrylic resin skills, designing trendy, clear plastic chairs, tables, cabinets, and more. And as the world scrambles to resume some sense of normalcy alongside the coronavirus pandemic, these skills are in high demand.

Medical offices, banks, hotels, convenience stores, and eateries have all turned to Plexi-Craft to create and install aesthetically pleasing barriers for their work areas.

A reception desk waiting to be outfitted with customized plastic barrier

Plexi-Craft prides itself on customized work and quality craftsmanship; they do not do mass-production or one-size-fits-most solutions. Adhering to the health and safety regulations, getting the City’s businesses back to running again, all while supporting a New York business is an all-around win.

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