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Interview with Rob DeMartini, CEO of New Balance

Rob DeMartini, CEO of New Balance, recently discussed the company’s American factories, its plans to expand beyond running shoes, and the recent $500 million Brighton Landing project in an interview with the Boston Globe’s Taryn Luna. Luna asked: “You’re pushing the federal government to apply the Berry Amendment, which requires the military to provide soldiers… Continue Reading

Tax Foundation Reveals the Most Tax-Friendly States for Businesses

According to the Tax Foundation, many states are hampering business growth with complicated tax structures. The group’s 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index recently ranked all 50 states to reflect the competitiveness of a state’s policies to businesses both large and small. The report looked at state income, corporate, property, sales and unemployment insurance tax… Continue Reading

Digital Tools in the Small Business World

USA Today Money’s Smart Small Business series focuses on expanding small firms and their tactics, challenges and triumphs. Reuben Canada, founder and CEO of Canada Enterprises, explains why digital tools have a significant role in small business growth today. He explains that he uses several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to promote… Continue Reading

Hiring an IT Company

Almost every business today requires an IT team or external IT company. Choosing the right company can be a hassle, but it is extremely important. Joanna Sobran of MXOtech, Inc. lists ten things to look out for while searching for the right tech support in an article on the Huffington Post: 1. They own all… Continue Reading

Social Media in Business

Social media is becoming an essential marketing tool for businesses today. However, many business leaders are unfamiliar or unaware of the different tactics and methods used to create and manage effective social media pages on any platform. It is important to consider goals, objectives and metrics when using social media to promote a business, as… Continue Reading

Self-Delusion is Key When Starting a Business

Author AJ Jacobs recently discussed the tool most essential to starting a business in an interview with Josh Zepps of Huffington Post Live. Jacobs explains that self-delusion is key to achieving business goals. “…The most important tool is to delude yourself, to be irrationally optimistic that your business is going to succeed. And then, you… Continue Reading

5 Must-Have Apps for Small Business Owners

Today, managing business while on-the-go is not nearly as complicated as it was a mere decade ago. USA Today Money’s Small Business Tech Talk recently discussed five free apps that can contribute greatly to business owners and entrepreneurs without tacking on any additional fees. These include Google Maps, Evernote, Skype, SkyDrive, and TripIt. Desaire Brown… Continue Reading

David Albright on Small Business Plans

Greenwhich Time recently discussed small businesses in an interview with David Albright. As former president of Pepperidge Farm, Inc.and Godiva Chocolatier Worldwide, Albright has extensive experience in the business world. Next week he will will present “How to Develop a Business Plan in Six Easy Steps” at the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce at Greenwich Library.… Continue Reading