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Bridgewater Associates Founder Discusses the Economic Machine

Ray Dalio, the founder of $150 billion hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, recently decided to reach out to the public without allowing the media to, well, mediate.

Dalio explained: “The economy works like a simple machine. But many people don’t understand it— or they don’t agree on how it works — and this has led to a lot of needless economic suffering. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to share my simple but practical economic template. Though it’s unconventional, it has helped me to anticipate and sidestep the global financial crisis, and has worked well for me for over 30 years.”

Zach Kouwe, a PR executive in New York, said: “This is great PR for Bridgewater – it will help the firm recruit the best and the brightest thinkers from around the world and will likely attract investors as people from Asia to Africa learn about Mr. Dalio’s successful strategies and theories on the economy.

Here is the full 30 minute explanation from Ray Dalio:


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