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Valaida W. Randolph’s Education Management Corporation

In 1989, Valaida W. Randolph’s established the Education Management Corporation in order to:

“provide quality individuals to the workplace who are creative, responsible problem-solvers and have the skills and attitudes on which employers can build.”

As such, the organization hires “dedicated, committed, professional staff [to] serve as positive role models and empower each individual placed in [their] care to develop the competencies, skills, and personal traits needed for successful job performance.”

Since its establishment – with founder Valaida W. Randolph at the helm in the positions of president and primary principal – has successfully trained and educated “the disadvantaged youth” of America, providing services to the US Department of Labor as prime contractor and subcontractor for their Job Corps centers.

EMC has been trying to “be a quality service provider assisting our nation in improving the education and employability skills of ‘at-risk’ youth and adults, thereby enhancing the quality of our labor force to meet the challenges and needs of today’s and tomorrow’s workplace…today.” As such, with over three decades of experience working with agencies on federal, international, municipal and state levels, Valaida W. Randolph has to date, successfully managed to contribute to the creation and running of 19 Job Corps center. Other programs on which they have worked include: youth correctional facilities, provision of training services globally, US Army basic academic training, data collection and post-secondary academic institution related research services.

EMC is a “small, woman-owned disadvantaged business, certified as both an “8(a)” corporation by the U.S. Small Business Administration and a Minority Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise for the state of New Jersey and the city of Philadelphia.”


Andrew Winakor: Elderly Individuals and Medical Appointment Transportation

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Global Economy: Soundbites

According to recent notifications from the IMF, 3.9 percent of growth is anticipated for 2018 and further increase next year, putting the numbers at the “quickest expansion since 2011.”  At least half of this escalation is due to changes that were approved at the end of last year to America’s tax code.    This US economy… Continue Reading

Who Has a Sweeter Price for Nestle?

Nestle is considering selling off some of his brands.  Around six months ago, the world’s largest food and beverage company – possibly most well-known and loved for its candy collection – discussed this as one of its possible strategic options. Said to be valued at between $2 and $2.5 billion, the U.S. entity of the… Continue Reading