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The Importance of Creating Value in a Business

In a recent article on, IDT Energy CEO Geoffrey Rochwarger discussed the importance of value in a company, and why cutting costs is merely a short-term solution.

According to Rochwarger, businesses today often have lower revenue and higher earnings. Though this combination is often met with investor enthusiasm, it is hardly sustainable and eventually collapses.

Rochwarger says: “While cutting any unnecessary cost is good for a business, long term, sustainable value creation depends on constantly renewing and demonstrating a business’s value to existing and potential customers.”

“Managers must evolve their business plans to meet customers’ changing needs,” he continues. “Every business, if it wants to grow, needs to identify how customers’ behaviors change and how this creates new markets- large and niche- that are as yet untapped. This goes for companies large and small.”

A business must identify ways to leverage the customers’ needs to produce new flows of revenue. This can be done by offering more services, adjusting existing services, or fine-tuning pricing tiers in a way that benefits the customers while boosting the company’s earnings potential.

Geoff Rochwarger concludes: “The new economic environment has made margins thinner, competition stronger, and profitability more difficult- but by leveraging your existing intellectual capital, you can identify new opportunities, create value, and bring new products to new niche markets faster and more successfully.”

Social Media in Business

Social media is becoming an essential marketing tool for businesses today. However, many business leaders are unfamiliar or unaware of the different tactics and methods used to create and manage effective social media pages on any platform. It is important to consider goals, objectives and metrics when using social media to promote a business, as… Continue Reading

Los medios sociales en los negocios

Los medios sociales se están convirtiendo en una herramienta de marketing esencial para las empresas hoy en día. Sin embargo, muchos de los líderes de las empresas desconocen o son inconscientes de las diferentes tácticas o métodos que pueden ser utilizados para crear y administrar las páginas o cualquier otra plataforma de medios sociales de… Continue Reading

Blackberry May Put Itself on the Market

Blackberry, previously known as RIM, is weighing its options as it continues to lose popularity throughout the hi-tech world. Though its keyboards are favored by many, the majority of Blackberry’s consumers have abandoned it for the iPhone and its look-alikes, including the Samsung Galaxy and Google’s Nexus. The Canadian smartphone company is considering selling, and… Continue Reading

Impact of Lifting of SEC 80-Year Old Ban

The 80 year old ban on general solicitation for hedge funds has recently lifted, creating a storm of interest. Kathleen Pender of Net Worth Plus advises accredited investors to “hold on to [their] wallets.” The new rule issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission still has a requirement for companies advertising unregistered securities.  They will… Continue Reading

Los Ejecutivos de Negocios Medianos Muestran más Optimismo que los Propietarios de Negocios Pequeños

Los resultados de encuestas recientes revelan que, mientras que los propietarios de negocios pequeños en los Estados Unidos están volviendo a confiar en la economía, aún se sienten desconfiados con respecto a sus propios negocios. De acuerdo con la investigación, el 35% de los participantes de la encuesta creen que la economía está mejor que… Continue Reading

Doral Bank expande su Programa de Alfabetización Financiera en las escuelas secundarias de Florida

Motivados por el éxito de su programa de alfabetización financiera, Doral Bank de Puerto Rico anunció que expandirá su programa de alfabetización financiera, añadiendo dos escuelas secundarias el próximo mes. Doral Bank tiene sucursales en Florida y en Nueva York y es parte de Doral Finacial Corporation. El banco lanzó el programa en el distrito… Continue Reading

Doral Bank Expanding Financial Literacy Program in Florida High Schools

Galvanized by the success of their high school financial literacy program, Puerto Rico-based Doral Bank announced that it will expand the program to add an additional two high schools this coming month. Doral Bank, which has branches in Florida as well as New York, and is a subsidiary of Doral Financial Corporation, launched the program… Continue Reading