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Facebook Launches “Facebook for Business” Portal

Facebook’s status as a business tool has always been something of a question mark as a result of confusing advertising and promotions systems. Now, the social network is aiming for a real spot in the market with its new Facebook for Business portal, which provides a detailed outline of its marketing tools.

Facebook explains: “We’ve been working to simplify advertising on Facebook, streamlining the ad products we offer and also making them easier to use. And today, we’re happy to announce a new version of Facebook for Business- an updated site that, over the next few months, will grow into the central destination for the news, information and inspiration that marketers can use to drive business results with Facebook.”

The new Facebook site, focused primarily on small businesses, hopes to provide advertising information and context for each individual organization. explains that Facebook suggests “targeting customers based on geographic area and demographics, and drilling down into their stated interests and ‘Likes’” to boost in-store sales, while online retailers would be better off utilizing Facebook’s “’lookalike targeting’ system to promote advertisements to customers who are similar to your existing audience.” The new Facebook site offers numerous ad options, all of which are listed under the “Solutions” menu.

Facebook for Business also includes case studies, general tips and news updates.

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