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UBS Ending Automated Options Trading Business

Photo Credig: Allie Caulfield
Photo Credit: Allie Caulfield

The Swiss bank UBS has decided the place that needs trimming to bring profits up is their automated options market-making division. Other parts of their options trading arm will remain unchanged. Staff who was engaged in the auto options section will be re-assigned to other parts of the bank which have been more profitable to the company as a whole.

The move comes at a time when other banks are cutting back on costs and risk. The general reassessment is a reaction to the financial crisis which has led several of the world’s largest banks to leave areas of trading that were simply too expensive to make them worthwhile, or simply were not market leaders in those areas.

“Being a liquidity provider in the options market has become more difficult as market makers are stressed with greater regulatory responsibilities and a fragmented exchange structure,” said Ed Boyle, CEO of BOX Options Market.

French Telecom Company Backs Out of Deal to Buy T-Mobile

The third possible buyer in as many years decided not to jump into the purchase of T-Mobile US. The French affordable telecom operator Iliad SA stepped down from the deal, which was never formalized, when it faced resistance from T-Mobile’s majority owner Deutsche Telekom. Detutsche Telekom, according to a person familiar with the company’s mindset,… Continue Reading

As Economy Recovers Recession Mood Lingers

Despite data showing that the US economy grew at its fastest rate in eight years during the second quarter of 2014, Americans still believe that the country is still in the midst of a recession. The economy swelled during the Q2 at an annualized rate of 4.6 percent, duplicating the fastest quarterly growth since 2006.… Continue Reading

Ethiopian Business Leaders Visit Houston

In a friendly prelude to the upcoming US Africa Summit, the Fourth Ethiopian-US Business Form took place in the Texas city of Houston. Leading the delegation of Ethiopian businessmen was President Mulatu Teshome. President Teshome stated that he believes an excellent business climate has been created not just for Americans, but for investors from other… Continue Reading

TSA to Require Powering On of Electronic Devices

In response to an upsurge in the threat of attack and an increased fear that terrorists are working on a bomb which can be brought onto an airplane undetected, the Transportation Security Administration will soon be issuing orders that will require some overseas airports to require passengers boarding US bound flights to power up their… Continue Reading

Bot Fraud Plaguing Auto Branding Industry

Digital advertising company Solve Media reports that car companies will be spending at least $500 million on online advertisements in the United States this year which no one will ever see. The report looked at fraudulent web traffic by which tracking thousands of web sites which are solely about cars and other vehicles. Solve Media… Continue Reading