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Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programs Take Off Around the World

Women’s entrepreneurship development and support programs are gaining momentum across the globe, led primarily by banks and other financial service companies.

World Bank, for example, launched the Women Entrepreneurship Development Project for Ethiopia with a focus on increasing the earnings of micro and small enterprises owned or partially owned by female entrepreneurs in the region. According to the program’s website, this will be achieved by “tailoring financial instruments to the needs of the participants and ensuring availability of finance” and “developing the entrepreneurial and technical skills of the target group and supporting cluster, technology and product development for their businesses.”

Doral Bank, based in Puerto Rico, has a similar goal. Its Women of Success program has several ongoing projects, including Women’s Business Boost. The Bank recently announced that this year’s number of applications reached an all-time high.

Doral’s Executive Vice President Jesus Mendez said: “We are proud that our program continues to grow and support professional and entrepreneurial women through capital and mentorship. This year’s rise in applications proves the growing role of women as a key driver in our economy and we will continue with our commitment to support their future growth.”

Likewise, Asian Development Bank manages the Women’s Entrepreneurship Support Sector Development Program. Aiming to help small, woman-led businesses in Armenia play a greater role in economic development, the program’s implementation period is 2013-2017.

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Top Ten Countries for Startups in 2012

This year’s World Bank Doing Business report has listed the top nine countries for startup businesses. The rankings consider the starting ease and conditions, as well as minimum cost, time and available assets. Rather surprisingly, the U.S. didn’t make the list. These countries did, however: New Zealand, with 1 day to start a business Australia,… Continue Reading

US Economy’s Impact on Global Finances

World Bank economist Andrew Burns commented on America’s recent weak economic data, noting a significant slowing down of US economic growth. However he said that it was unlikely that the US would experience a “double-dip recession.” In terms of Europe, the recovery is somewhat stalling also vis-à-vis various crises in different areas, most notably Ireland… Continue Reading

World Bank News

World Bank Revisions on Economic Growth Two days ago, the forecast for growth for the developing world was revised by the World Bank with a warning that there will be greater pressures on inflation due to the escalation in food and fuel prices. Currently, growth is down from last year’s figures so the advice by… Continue Reading

Oil Fields in ArcticOil Fields in Arctic

Rosneft-BP Merger A couple of months ago, world-renowned BP signed a deal with Russia’s major oil company Rosneft to “swap shares and jointly develop oil fields in the Arctic.” Of course it will be BP reaping most of the benefits (since it will be putting up the majority of the capital) with the Russian Rosneft… Continue Reading