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As Economy Recovers Recession Mood Lingers

Despite data showing that the US economy grew at its fastest rate in eight years during the second quarter of 2014, Americans still believe that the country is still in the midst of a recession.

The economy swelled during the Q2 at an annualized rate of 4.6 percent, duplicating the fastest quarterly growth since 2006. After a difficult, weather related, bad first quarter, second quarter growth was influenced by improvements in all sectors. Those growth sectors included consumer spending, residential and non-residential fixed investment, net exports and government spending.

The perception, however, is of an economy still in trouble. A recent poll done by the Public Religion Institute showed that over 70 percent of Americans thing that the economy is still experiencing a recession. This perception is not without reason: the unemployment rate is still high with millions of American not working, and the recovery is not fully realized as yet.

Two economic academics, Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff have shown that post-war economies generally need, on average, four and one half years to recover back to the same GDP as they had before a financial crisis. They also found that unemployment rates take about the same amount of time to reach their low points, and housing prices can take even longer to recover. Therefore, once we realize these characteristics of recoveries, the US has truly bounced back from its 2008 crisis pretty well.

Is the Eurozone Heading Towards Another Recession?

Last week bore news of another upcoming recession in the Eurozone, according to the speculations of numerous economists. However, some believe the recession has never actually ended. Peter Rupert and Thomas F. Cooley, two U.S. economists, explain that Europe’s economies have remained low and struggling to regain momentum after the initial crisis in 2008. Germany… Continue Reading

German Economy Holds Steady As Euro Zone Continues to Crumble

Despite Germany’s stalwart growth, the euro zone’s economy stuttered in the second quarter. According to, the region “contracted by 0.2% on the quarter.” Meanwhile, “Germany eked out growth of 0.3%, marginally beating forecasts, but its forward-looking ZEW sentiment index slid for a fourth month running, undercutting even the lowest estimate in a Reuters poll.”… Continue Reading

German Economy Falters At Long Last

Throughout the economic concerns and debt crises, Germany has always managed to keep its head above water, and sometimes thrive, despite the area’s hardships. Not anymore. In 2011, German exports increased dramatically while employment levels improved, wages rose and real estate climbed to altogether new heights. Near-balance of the federal budget and other positive signs… Continue Reading

2012 To See Little Growth, Poll Shows

A recent poll of hundreds of economists has revealed that the global economy will continue to struggle throughout 2012, but will begin to see significant growth by 2013. Though many expected 2012 to be a rough year, even experts believed the United States’ resilience would keep the economy above water. Numerous successful emerging markets contributed… Continue Reading

Best Companies to Invest In for 2012

As the economy improves analysts are predicting excellent growth rates for many companies. Here is a list of some of those firms which will most likely rise quickly in the coming year. 1.    TRW Automotive Holdings: The automotive industry is second only to the military industry in profitability in the world, and there is every… Continue Reading

Quote of the Day: Christine Lagarde

Meteorologically speaking, spring is usually a welcome relief from cold, dark winter. However on the economic front, at least this year, there is a fear that this spring will bring the US economy back to the dreary days of last year’s recession, which this winter showed signs of recovery. As Christine Lagarde, the managing director… Continue Reading

Top 4 Businesses and Trends for 2012

Senior Care Medicine and related technology have changed the senior world today; Americans are living longer and more independently as they age. Still, mobility and daily tasks can be difficult, and so businesses and services in the senior care industry are booming. Health and Wellness Whether it’s a fitness center or a healthy salad bar,… Continue Reading