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University Innovations: Todd Meister and iInteract

Some of the best financial investments today aren’t only coming from top-tier investment firms or the stock market. Rather, one unusual place to keep a look out is at the university level. Many colleges today are on the cutting edge of communication technology. It’s no surprise, with the resources and brilliant minds that they have, that college campuses would be the hot spot for so much of the up-and-coming technological developments.

One recent development comes from the Ball State University with Senior IT Architect, Todd Meister. As the Assistant Director Academic Support at the University’s Computing Services department, Todd Meister is the main developer behind a product called iInteract.

iInteract is an application that allows teachers and students to engage in real-time classroom assessments directly from laptops, PDAs and internet-capable cell phones that students already possess.  This means that instructors will be able to create quizzes, offer student polls and provide other course content for students using the devices that the students already own; this mitigates the need to purchase pricey technology and equipment. Ball State University explains that new features are being rolled into the product including Flickr integration and video resources like YouTube.

Todd Meister and his team are also working on upgrades that will allow professors and students from other universities to use the application for their own classroom purposes. The product is still in the testing stages and Meister’s team is currently conducting usability research.  Certainly, this is one of the many technology products worth watching in the coming months.



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Investment Portfolio Assets

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ISA Tips

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Investment Portfolios

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Annuity Fees

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