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Christine Lagarde Calls for Immediate Action

Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, recently called for additional action as Europe continues to grapple with debt and the U.S. struggles with an impending fiscal crisis. Lagarde claimed that the world economy is faring worse than even the more pessimistic expectations.

Though the European Central Bank and European governments have taken several steps to ensure security, Lagarde stated that “more needs to happen, and faster.”

Just recently the IMF lowered its global growth predictions to 3.3%, down from an already low 3.5%. It has since warned that reality may fall short even of this low forecast if the United States and Europe are unable to improve on the situation.

“We are not expecting a very, very strong recovery. The recovery continues, but it continues more slowly than we had expected earlier this year,” Lagarde said. The slowdown is having a “ripple effect on emerging markets, and in particular in Asia.”

Political tensions have also impacted economies throughout Asia, and Lagarde stressed the importance of a quick resolution for the good of global growth.

“We hope that differences, however longstanding, can be resolved harmoniously and expeditiously so that from an economic point of view cooperation can continue… since we are all very closely interconnected,” she said.

Is the Eurozone Heading Towards Another Recession?

Last week bore news of another upcoming recession in the Eurozone, according to the speculations of numerous economists. However, some believe the recession has never actually ended. Peter Rupert and Thomas F. Cooley, two U.S. economists, explain that Europe’s economies have remained low and struggling to regain momentum after the initial crisis in 2008. Germany… Continue Reading

Stalled Economies Fueling Crashing Oil Prices

The deteriorating European debt crisis and the slowing United States economy are contributing to what is expected to be the largest monthly downslide in the price of oil in three years. Demand for oil will plummet, analysts say, fueling a downturn in oil which resulted in oil closing yesterday 20 percent lower than the year’s… Continue Reading

Business Roundtable Sees Economy Picking Up Momentum

According to a quarterly survey conducted by The Business Roundtable, a group of CEO’s of firms whose combined yearly revenues come to more than $6 trillion, there is a perception of improved movement of the economic recovery, including plans of increased hiring. This improved optimism comes despite fears of a continuing recession in Europe. The… Continue Reading

New EU Economic Policy?

The European Union has been heaping the criticism on Spain vis-à-vis the way it has been dealing with savings banks and tax policy.  But Spain has not taken this lying down.   Indeed, according to a Bloomberg article it has been “persuading the EU to water down judgments issued as part of a new economic-policing system.”… Continue Reading

US Economy’s Impact on Global Finances

World Bank economist Andrew Burns commented on America’s recent weak economic data, noting a significant slowing down of US economic growth. However he said that it was unlikely that the US would experience a “double-dip recession.” In terms of Europe, the recovery is somewhat stalling also vis-à-vis various crises in different areas, most notably Ireland… Continue Reading

Economic Health Track

Preventive Global Economic Crisis Measures It was bad enough that we had to endure the worst global economic crisis since the Second World War, but what would be even worse would be not learning from it. So what can be done today? Measures need to be taken now to ensure a continual “tracking of economic… Continue Reading