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Survey Shows Businessmen Lax on On-line Security

Businessmen show lack of concern over on-line security
Businessmen show lack of concern over on-line security

According to a poll conducted by Swivel Secure, 74.2 percent of business owners either write down or otherwise record off-line their collection of passwords. That means that a vast majority of heads of companies have their passwords saved on post-it notes or Excel documents, perhaps not the best way to maintain security of websites.

The survey quizzed 2,500 Americans on their on-line habits, revealing that many business-owners are not doing enough to insure the security of their on-line workplace systems. This lack of professionalism when it comes to security also funnels down to the employees, further creating dangerous exposure of their company’s data.

The poll uncovered other aspects of on-line behaviors which can compromise the workplace, such as the habit of re-using the same passwords to log-in to different systems, found in 63 percent of those polled; and in 61 percent said they are “unconcerned” with the security of their corporate systems.

“Consider this: if passwords are reused across personal and corporate systems — which more than one in five U.S. employees openly admit to — it only takes one employee’s Twitter or Amazon password to be hacked for unauthorized network access to be gained, compromising the entire network and all of the sensitive information held within,” says Fraser Thomas, vice president international at Swivel Secure Inc.

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