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Poll Shows Most Voters Want to Stay in Paris Climate Accord

A survey conducted between June 2 and 4 showed that almost 60% of Americans are against President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The poll was done by the Washington Post and ABC News.

The results were that 57% of registered voters asked said they oppose the decision, while 33% were in favor.
President Trump announced his intention to withdraw on June 1.

Opinions about the decision were highly correlated with the party voters were identified with. Among Democrats, 82% were opposed to withdrawal and 8% in favor. Among those identifying as Republican who took the survey, 67% agreed with Trump’s decision and 25% were opposed. Sixty-three percent of those identifying as independent were against an exit from the agreement and 22% were in support.

The subjects were also asked if they thought withdrawal from the accord would harm or help the US role as leader in the world. The poll showed that 56% of registered voters thought withdrawal was harmful to the US, while 22% thought it would help.

People were also questioned about their opinions on whether withdrawal from the accords would help or hinder the US economy. The results showed that 37% of registered voters answering the survey felt withdrawal would help the economy, while 42% said they thought withdrawal would harm the economy.

Despite the President’s decision to withdraw the US from the landmark agreement, many companies, government bodies and academic leaders and institutions plan to continue to follow the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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