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McKesson Corporation Is Profitable In Health Care

McKesson Corporation (MCK) offers a wide range of services to the health market. They have a Distribution Solutions segment which distributes drugs, medical equipment, supplies and provides outsourcing and consultancy services to Medical organizations throughout North America.  McKesson also has a Technical Solutions segment which provides software solutions to many types of health providers in North America, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe and Israel. The company was founded in 1833, so it also has a wealth of experience. This is a fortune 500 company and is the 15th largest corporation in the U.S.

The stock closed at $81.70 yesterday which is above both the 200-day moving average (79.63) and the 50-day moving average (74.40). The stock dipped down to $69.35 on October 4 due to the stock market drop but has climbed back to $81.70. Its 52 week trading range was from 63.32 to 87.32. In the financial year which closed on March 31, 2011, the company had net income of $1.202 billion. The companies trailing P/E is 17.79 and the forward P/E for year end March 31, 2013 is 11.63. In other words, the company itseself looks healthy and its stock is also ok in this down market.

Among the managers are Randall N. Spratt and Laureen E Seager.

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