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Intel Has A Bright Future

Intel Corporation is the famous international microprocessor producer that also produces many other computer and communication device parts. It was founded in 1968 and after 42 years is still growing. In fact, its earnings have increased 5.9 % over the past five years and its dividends have increased by 13.5% during the last five years.Its dividend is presently 3.6% and the P/E is 10.6.

On Tuesday, October 18, Intel will report its third quarter operating results. Analysts predict that the results may be better than expected. On Friday, the stock closed at $23.49 which is a low price for a company that has such a good demand for its products, and also gives a dividend. The 50 day moving average for Intel is 21.04 and the 200 day moving average is 21.48 and today’s price is above both of those figures.

Intel is a good cash generating business and has large potential profits due the field that it is in. Computer parts and development is definitely a field with will continue to be much needed in the future.

Babak Sabi and Cary I. Klafter are up and coming executives in Intel.

Intel could be a good purchase for one’s long term portfolio. As with all stocks this should be checked thoroughly before purchasing and afterwards should be carefully monitored.

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