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China Wants US to Take Some Responsibility for WannaCry Cyber Attack

The recent global cyber-attack known as WannaCry infected over 300,000 computers around the world, with China among the hardest hit. As of Saturday, about 30,000 Chinese organizations were infected with a “ransomware” virus that takes advantage of weaknesses in Microsoft Corp systems. China lashed out against the United States in the wake of the damage,… Continue Reading

Alexium Takes the Prize

The premier business awards program in the United States announced its winners of the 15th annual prize. The Alexium International Group took a prize, which will be presented in New York in June. The CEO and executive director of Alexium, Nicholas Clark, was awarded the Silver Stevie Award for Executive of the Year in the… Continue Reading

Toshiba’s Nuclear Arm, Westinghouse, Filing Bankruptcy

Due to huge cost overruns in two projects in Georgia and South Carolina, Westinghouse, the US nuclear division of Toshiba, has filed for bankruptcy protection. The losses have negatively affected the Japanese parent company, Toshiba putting the future of the conglomerate at risk. Toshiba announced that the bankruptcy will not harm Westinghouse, UK, which has… Continue Reading

New Travel Ban Expected to Curtail Flow of Refugees Once Again

Since President Trump issued his first executive order banning refugees from certain countries from entering the United States, there has continued to be a flow of people into the country, since the ban was cancelled a federal judge. Nearly 2,500 refugees have entered the United States from banned countries since the day of the executive… Continue Reading

US Government Stimulating Nigerian Power Sector with $1 Billion

The United States government is investing about $1 billion in the power sector of Nigeria, said the coordinator of the program to light up Africa, Andrew Herscowitz. The plan, known as Power Africa, was announced at a media conference in Abuja, Nigeria last week. Herscowitz added that the US government has already committed several billion… Continue Reading

AirAsia X Awarded License to Fly to USA

The Federal Aviation Administration awarded AirAsia X, the Malaysia-based budget airline, a license to fly to the United States. It is the first such airline to achieve this status. AirAsia X CEO Datuk Kamarudin Meranum said, ““It is an extraordinary achievement. Our expansion so far only focused on Asia, Australia and the Middle East. We… Continue Reading

Big Business Afraid of Trump Paris Accord Pullout

Some of America’s largest businesses are worried enough about global warming to send off an open letter to the president-elect, Donald Trump, urging him not to flee from the agreement signed in Paris to slow down climate change. The three-hundred companies include 72 which bring in more than $100 million in annual revenues. Among the… Continue Reading

Pirated CDs Hurting Music Business

Even today, when most music is purchased and listened to digitally, there are still many people that take their music in hard copy, on an old-fashioned compact disc, or CD. These small metal discs, laser-etched with beautiful sounds for the customers’ listening pleasure, go for about $10 each. When created, and sold by legitimate companies,… Continue Reading