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New Travel Ban Expected to Curtail Flow of Refugees Once Again

Since President Trump issued his first executive order banning refugees from certain countries from entering the United States, there has continued to be a flow of people into the country, since the ban was cancelled a federal judge.

Nearly 2,500 refugees have entered the United States from banned countries since the day of the executive order. During Trump’s first seven weeks in office almost 8,000 refugees entered the US. The division among different religions of those refugees was 3,410 Muslims, 3,292 Christians, 821 other and 71 unaffiliated.

The executive order attempted to prevent refugees from entering from seven specific countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, but 2,466 people from these very countries did enter the US.

On inauguration day this year refugees were entering on a regular basis. During Trump’s first week in office 687 refugees entered the US. The following week, after the ban was announced, there was virtually no refugees entering the US. When the federal courts suspended the ban, refugees began to enter the US once again.

During the Obama administration 84,995 refugees entered the US in 2016, an eight-year high. Donald Trump’s new ban goes into effect on March 16. We can expect a similar curtailment of refugees entering the US as a result of the new ban for at least 120 days, unless this ban is also defeated in the courts.

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