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China Wants US to Take Some Responsibility for WannaCry Cyber Attack

The recent global cyber-attack known as WannaCry infected over 300,000 computers around the world, with China among the hardest hit. As of Saturday, about 30,000 Chinese organizations were infected with a “ransomware” virus that takes advantage of weaknesses in Microsoft Corp systems.

China lashed out against the United States in the wake of the damage, demanding that the US shoulder some of the blame for the attack, referring to the US National Security Agency as especially responsible.

“Concerted efforts to tackle cybercrimes have been hindered by the actions of the United States,” the China Daily said. They added that the US has “no credible evidence” to support bans on tech firms from China after the attack.

The attack began on Friday and was linked to other attacks launched by North Korean-run hacking entities. Researchers say that the malware attack used a tool that the NSA built that was leaked online last month, Microsoft stated.

The attack also came just as China readies to enforce a broad cyber security law opposed by US business groups. The groups claim that the law will make it more difficult for foreign companies in China to do business due to strict requirements concerning data storage and surveillance.

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