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Choosing Nursing Homes/Rehabilitation Centers

Dry Harbor Rehab

Photo by Jeffrey Smith

As the elderly population in the US continues increases, nursing homes will continue to compete for that ever-growing market. One of the factors pushing the huge expansion of the health care sector has been the nursing home and rehabilitation center industry.

Unfortunately many investors know very little about what nursing homes offer. They also do not understand how they help our elderly population and their families. An examination of the Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center and what it offers is a good way to get a glimpse of the industry in general.

Located in Middle Village in Queens, New York, Dry Harbor Rehab has been in operation for over 30 years. Their facility has 360 beds and can offer their services on short and long-term basis. They offer nursing care as well as rehabilitation and nutritional care. These different departments work together to design a unique care plan for the specific needs of each resident or patient.

When in the market for a nursing home for a loved one, check carefully to see if the facility has been recognized by any outside organization for its excellence. The Caring Heart Award is one way nursing homes and rehabilitation centers are recognized for their high-quality care. For instance, Dry Harbor has received recognition from Caring Heart every year from 2009 until now.

It is also good to be aware that a great rehabilitation center is more than the sum of its equipment. The staff should be experienced, well-trained, and above all else, respectful, kind and loving, while also maintaining the highest professional standards. Once you have determined that the staff is of the best-possible quality, then be sure the rehab center has everything needed for comprehensive treatment including these departments as they do at Dry Harbor:

  • Orthopedic evaluations
  • Cardio-pulmonary rehab
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech & dysphagia therapy
  • Audiology

Luxury Homes in US Purchased through IM Apps by Chinese Nationals

WeChat logo by Anarchy-Ren

WeChat logo by Anarchy-Ren

Chinese nationals are the largest group of non-American buyers of US real estate. With an eye to diversifying their portfolios and keeping their money safe, Chinese investors are willing to pay more than all other nationalities.

Enter the voice messaging app known as WeChat, introduced in 2011 by the Chinese Internet gaming giant Tencent. WeChat, over the years has expanded its functions and now offers just about every kind of app. WeChat offers movies, cab-calling, photo sharing, retail purchasing, gaming, and even personal loans can be secured on WeChat. Lately WeChat has also become a kind of real estate sales platform in which Chinese buyers are connecting with real estate agents in the US.

Now combine that with the amazing fact that there are 650 million users on WeChat, a large proportion of them Chinese, a user base which is twice that of the entire US population.

“I would pay $100 a month to use WeChat,” said Jing Wang, a 36-year-old real estate agent for Lin Pan Realty Group in New York. “It would be much harder to be introduced and reach Chinese clients because many of the social websites, like Facebook, are blocked in China — that’s a lot of time and money.”

“WeChat has become essential to consumers’ daily lives,” Xiaofeng Wang, an analysts at Forrester Research in Beijing wrote. “Marketers the world over must take account of WeChat, which has become so ubiquitous that it has changed Chinese consumers’ mobile behaviors in profound ways.”

Gold Near Three-Month Low as Economy Continues Recovery

Gold-BullionAfter eight days of diminishing value gold took a tiny step back up after reaching almost to its lowest price since August. Gold’s drop in price, down to $1,084.90 was prompted by two factors; an increase in non-farm jobs, and the expectation that December will be the month that the Feds decide the US economy is ready for an interest rate hike.

Data showed that the non-farm sector added 271,000 jobs in October, the largest number in 2015. The result of that surge is the lowest unemployment rate in 7 ½ years, down to only 5 percent. These numbers surpassed the predictions of economists who said that only 180,000 jobs would be added.

In addition, investors are more than ready to see the Feds finally increase interest rates for the first time in almost ten years.

“Further downwards pressure is expected on the precious complex in the lead up to the December FOMC meeting,”

said Sam Laughlin, a trader for the MKS Group, referring to the Federal Open Market Committee of the Feds where the decision whether to increase interest rates will take place. He added that gold could still see a bit of a price recovery approaching $1,100.

Cuban Trade Fair Swamped with US Products

Photo by: flippinyank

Photo by: flippinyank

Beginning on Monday, November 2 Cuba will be hosting its annual International Trade Fair. This year’s Fair is the first since the US and Cuba decided to thaw the fifty-year freeze on diplomatic relations between them, and this fact is clear from the enormous number of US products on display.

Immediately after the communist island country and its huge northern neighbor announced the beginning of normalization, businesses got on the bandwagon, looking for opportunities to conduct business in this highly untapped market for US goods and services.

The business relationships the US is trying to create are not limited to buying and selling. For instance, in the case of Alabama-based Cleber LLC, a manufacturer of farm equipment, including tractors, they are not only planning to sell their American-made tractors in Cuba, but hope to build a factory in Cuba and hire Cuban workers and purchase Cuban materials, hopefully within five years.

“From the get-go, the Cubans have said they want investment in Cuba, they don’t want exports to Cuba,” said Saul Berenthal, a co-founder of Cleber, soon after the announcement in December. “That gives us an advantage.”