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The Nation’s Tallest Building Planned for Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is poised to redefine its skyline with the construction of a monumental skyscraper, projected to become the tallest building in the United States. The proposed Legends Tower, reaching a staggering height of 1,907 feet, is set to eclipse One World Trade Center in New York City by 131 feet. This height not only aims to snatch the title of the nation’s tallest building but also marks a symbolic nod to 1907, the year Oklahoma joined the Union.

The groundbreaking for this ambitious mixed-use development is scheduled for this fall, spearheaded by California-based Matteson Capital and architecture firm AO. The project promises a financial backing exceeding $1 billion, setting the stage for a transformative addition to Oklahoma City’s architectural and economic landscape.

Legends Tower will tower over the current tallest building in the city, the Devon Energy Center, which stands at 844 feet. The planned structure will boast 126 stories above a multi-functional base known as the Boardwalk at Bricktown. This includes 86 floors of luxury residences complemented by an amenity level, 12 floors of exclusive penthouse suites, and a 16-story Hyatt hotel topped with additional Hyatt residences. Recreational facilities will feature an indoor pool and a top-level complex with an observation deck and a sky restaurant.

Spanning approximately 5 million square feet, the complex will also offer a 17,000-square-foot lagoon, expansive roof decks, and no office spaces, focusing purely on residential and leisure uses.

Despite clearing a major hurdle this week with the Oklahoma City Council lifting height restrictions for the site, the project faces mixed reactions. Councilman James Cooper expressed reservations, advocating for more commitments to affordable housing and community benefits. The development’s first phase will see three smaller towers—Dream, Emerald, and Ruby—followed by the iconic Legends Tower in the second phase, estimated to take five years to complete.

Local responses vary, with some seeing the skyscraper as a potential economic catalyst that could draw visitors and invigorate the city, while others, like resident Shannon Burke, fear it may become an unwelcome eyesore. Yet, the overriding sentiment captures a blend of excitement and skepticism, mirroring the complexities of ushering in a skyscraper designed to withstand the harsh realities of Oklahoma’s tornado-prone climate. As the project moves forward, it remains a focal point of civic discussion and a beacon of Oklahoma City’s bold ambitions.

Disneyland Characters Vote to Unionize

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How Anu Saad Propelled a Cancer Testing Startup to the Forefront of Patient Care

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“At Your Bleisure:” Combining Business and Leisure Travel

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Robust Growth Projected for the Health and Wellness Industry, 2023-2027

According to Technavio, the Health and Wellness Food Market is on a trajectory of robust growth, anticipated to expand by USD 452.93 million from 2023 to 2027, flourishing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.5%. This market spans a broad spectrum of food alternatives tailored for health-conscious consumers, including immune-boosting selections, plant-based meat… Continue Reading

Pretzels – “Knot” Just a Snack

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Record High Gold Prices

Gold prices hit a record high on Monday, reaching the highest level since gold futures began trading in 1974. Traders are hopeful that the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates later this year. The price for April delivery of gold jumped up $30.60, closing at $2,126.30 per ounce. This marks the second day in a… Continue Reading

Founder of Bob’s Red Mill Passes Away at Age 94

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Afternoon Tea Makes a Quiet Comeback

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World Travel Awards Names Miami Beach as 2023’s “World’s Leading Lifestyle Destination.”

The World Travel Awards named Miami Beach the “World’s Leading Lifestyle Destination 2023,” marking another achievement for the city in a year filled with accolades. Over the past year, the renowned destination had secured the titles: “North America’s Leading Beach Destination” and “North America’s Leading City Destination.” Grisette Marcos, Executive Director of the Miami Beach… Continue Reading