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New York Couple Buys New York Streets

Corey and Tamara Galloway of Brooklyn always dreamt of owning a professional New York sports team. In February 2020, during National Black History Month, the couple made that dream a reality. And they also made history when they became the first African American couple to own a NY team, National Arena League’s New York Streets. Last year, the franchise football team played their first game at Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York.

African American New York City couple buy New York Steets football team

Corey Galloway has an extensive business resume; he is the founder of Legacy Growth Partners, a New York-based business development and investment firm. He was recently featured in where he described himself as an avid football fan who goes all across the country and the world to attend games.

Since he began attending games, Mr. Galloway sought opportunities to combine his love of sports and business. He and his wife now want to use their ownership of the NY Streets as an opportunity to make sporting events more accessible to kids of all backgrounds.

“For me, as a football fan, as a football player, I acknowledge that there is a barrier of entry that’s created with ticket pricing. Not everyone is able to really enjoy the game and see the games live and upfront. So, creating that opportunity and being able to provide them with an option to see a game live—I’m just excited that those kids will be able to enthusiastically say ‘Oh, wow! I’m going to a game!’”

Corey Galloway, owner of New York Streets

LendIt Fintech Announces Year-Long Mentor Program for NYC-Area Women

LendIt Fintech and NYC Fintech Women launched its inaugural year-long Mentor Program for tri-state area women. The collaborative program is designed to assist, advance, and aid aspiring fintech women as they grow professionally. LendIt Fintech is committed to supporting and facilitating diversity in fintech while creating opportunities for the global community.

Women in Fintech Mentors and Mentees

Mentors, who must be in a senior position at a NYC-based fintech company, commit to at least three (in-person or virtual) meetings with mentees. Mentored women work in the fintech industry are committed to advancing their network of colleagues and peers. Mentor and Mentee applications for the 2020 cohort close on Feb 21st.

If mentorship isn’t an option right now, these are other ways to support women in fintech:

  1. Identify and encourage leading businesswomen to apply for speaking roles at LendIt Fintech. More than 300 speaker applications have been submitted for LendIt Fintech USA 2020, with only 20% women. More female voices are needed!
  2. Nominate leading women in fintech businesses for the LendIt Fintech Industry Awards. Only 5 women were nominated for the category Executive of the Year Award in 2019.
  3. Come to the 3rd annual Women in Fintech Luncheon & Speed Networking event on May 13th at LendIt Fintech USA 2020.

Architectural Design Tools

Since there are so many design tools out there – and increasingly more software programs for architects – navigating which one works best for your needs can be a challenge. Here, we bring some of retired architect Moshe Victor Keinig’s top picks for 2020.

For those who are just looking for a booster as it were to plans they have in their head but cannot quite articulate on paper, Homestyler is a great option. This 3D online software facilitates the interior design experience for the lay person and also makes it a lot of fun.  Thanks to its floor plan solution one can design their very own house and even decorate as there is access to more than 200 real furniture brands.  You can see how each and every corner and nook will look in your home with the rendering function and have all lights turned on and off to get a real “feel” for how the house will be once complete.

Infurnia takes designing to the next level. It’s more for architects and interior design professionals than for the lay person but those who are designing their own house with a professional can also benefit from it.  It features detailed floor plans, customizable staircase tools and more.  Plans can first be built using 2D and then immediately transformed into 3D.  Infurnia has partnered with many furniture, material, appliance etc. stores so one can take their dream design to the next level very simply as well. 

Higharc is really doing something extra special and unique.  It is allowing the client to pretty much be the architect with its level of customization. in an attempt to completely transform home design in the digital age via interact design methods to establish completely customizable 3D building plans, algorithms are being used for the modeling.  And for the lay person, they are just given the outside layer as it were; they have access to the simple 3D model.  For the technology, there is so much sophistication going on behind that, working on the setting up all the details that until now had to be engineered by a professional architect.

“When I first heard about Higharc and its automation design tool I thought ‘wow, that’s so incredible,” relates Moshe Victor Keinig. “And then I started feeling relieved that I am at the end of my career.  With tools like these, who knows if there will be a need for qualified architects within the next decade.  It’s scary!”

NYC tech companies to watch in 2020

CB Insights published its 2020 Tech IPO Pipeline report, including 281 of the most promising and highly valued private tech companies in the U.S. The entirety of the list remains under wraps, but what we do know is that 40 of the companies on there are based in New York.

Fashion outfit (pun intended), Rent the Runway is one of the ranking well-funded NYC based startups. The company allows fashionistas and style lovers to enjoy designer clothing for rent on a rotation basis.

Rent the Runway listed as leading NYC startup

Another NYC-based company on the list is Dataminr. A leader in AI businesses, Dataminr allows clients to assess and act on crises and opportunities effectively.

Female Small Business Owners More Optimistic

2020 is looking promising for female small business owners. According to a newly released Bank of America Small Business Owner Report Survey for 2019, 84% of women small business owners expect year-over-year growth. The data also suggests that more women small business owners than men:

  • Have plans for expansion (73% v 66%)
  • Expect revenue to increase (62% v 55%)
  • Are planning on hiring additional staff (25% v 23%)
  • Want to apply for a loan or external funding (12% v. 11%)
Women with small businesses are looking forward to a good 2020

The survey questioned 1,323 small businesses in the U.S. with annual revenue between $100,000 and $4,999,999 and up to 99 employees. 524 of the respondents were female small business owners.

These findings were shared at a women entrepreneurs’ panel discussion, which also featured presentations from women entrepreneurs and small business experts. The event was held at Luminary, a coworking and event space for women and founded by female entrepreneur Cate Luzio. Some of the tips shared at the event included:

Tap the people around you. Elizabeth Foster, President, NAWBO NYC and Founder, Maison Visionnaire, highlighted the wisdom of connecting with the people around you, especially in the short term. People you already know could become customers, advisers or even partners.

Be inspired by others. Sharon Miller, Head of Small Business, Bank of America, presented the survey results, and shared that “more women in powerful positions of influence in politics, healthcare, and education” is the single most impactful factor for the next cadre of women entrepreneurs. Read up on success stories and find inspiration wherever possible. If your business is thriving, consider becoming a mentor for someone just starting out.

Take action. Deepti Sharma, Founder & CEO, FoodtoEat, encouraged attendants to support small businesses and women entrepreneurs by actually buying from these outfits.

Small businesses are an important part of any economy; it affects you whether you are an entrepreneur or employee, whether you sit in a Fortune 500 company or a start-up. Look around for the small and local shops and services in your area and be a part of keeping their business alive.

Smarthome Showroom

Automation technologies are taking over almost every aspect of our lives. We have apps for almost everything and want the capacity to control much of our systems and platforms from our handheld devices.

Leading New York City electronics integrator Sakab Designs recently opened a multi-floor technology center in New York City that allows visitors to experience the capabilities and power of the latest home and office automation technology tools created by Nortek Security & Control.

The showroom offers home and business owners a hands-on experience of what is possible with established automation technology systems that tie together everything from lights to door locks to multi-room audio and video in their home or office (or even your home-office).

seamless smart home design at the Sakab Designs showroom

“We wanted to give local home and business owners a real-life experience that shows how the latest technologies can simplify and improve everyday tasks.”

Jeff Sakkal, Sakab Designs owner

Practically every aspect of home automation is on display, with the main floor mimicking a residential space (living room, game room, kitchen and backyard) and the second floor simulating a business setting (conference room, office space and reception area).

Unlike popular DIY solutions, the Sakab solutions are a fully developed family of products installed by professionals, offering seamless user experience and increased flexibility and power.

New York City’s Got Milk

New York City makeup brand, Milk Makeup is moving into its own location: 586 Broadway. Once sold only in Sephora shops, Urban Outfitters, Birchbox and online, now Milk Makeup’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free products will be available in the brand’s flagship store.

Good-for-you beauty products from Milk Makeup

Created by Milk Studios, Milk Makeup creates original, healthy products that redesign the concept of beauty, not the consumer. Popular with skincare and beauty junkies, environmentally aware divas, and sustainable fashionistas, Milk Makeup is a NYC company that is all about good ingredients.

Foam Food Containers: A Thing of New York’s Past

New York City has taken a big step toward environmental protection by banning foam food containers and packing peanuts.

Foam boxes like these are now banned in New York

Now the city’s take-outs, delis, food trucks, and eateries have changed to paperboard or bamboo plates, cups, and take-home boxes.

This earth-friendly move follows on the heels of a New York statewide ban on most types of single-use plastic bags slated for March 2020.

Paper and multiple-use bags required in New York as of March 2020

In June of 2019, New York approved an impressive climate plan that would ostensibly eliminate greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years. The idea is to achieve this reduction by using renewable energy sources and curtailing the use of gasoline-fueled cars.

Up next for New York is the removal of plastic straws from eateries and places of entertainment.

New York is also trying to get rid of plastic straws

Ultimately, the city is also set to require plastic bottles be made of a minimum 75% recycled materials.

Tracking Renewable Energy Sources In NYC

New York City is always looking for new ways to reduce carbon emissions from communities and facilities. Tapping the often-ignored geothermal energy from the ground is now an option with a new screening tool. Now being built to test this technology for all New York City properties, the city will begin utilizing the free resource that is literally right under our feet.

Geothermal ground source energy uses the earth as a reservoir, with average temperatures between 50°- 60°F, as a stable storage conduit for heating devices to either recover or store energy for heating or cooling.

New York City to tap ground source energy

New York City’s Geothermal Ground Source Screening Tool was developed for the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the Department of Design and Construction by engineering firm Goldman Copeland. The data procured by the tool must be assessed by a local geologist and a trained geothermal engineer, but the New York City model simplifies the approach and allows users to definitively determine the viability of ground source heating and cooling in all five city districts (nearly 900,000 lots have been identified as potential sources). The technology is especially useful in evaluating the capacity of new buildings to maximize the available ground source energies.

Using Tech to Breath Better

Residents in the tri-state area can take a deep- and clean(er)- breath in the coming year. OpenAQ is making sure of that!

The open-source platform gathers air quality data from governments and international organizations in one site; it is all free and accessible to everyone. It is also cultivating a community of activists, scientists, and data-devotees who care about air quality and pollution.

Named one of the New York Time’s 2019 Good Tech Awardees, OpenAQ compares critical air quality stats in different cities around the world. Its data can be used to build apps for local residents, alerting them when pollutants reach dangerous levels. The company processes nearly 200 million air quality measurements each year. OpenAQ is also used by lawmakers, environmentalists, and others to promote cleaner air for everyone.