Ten Highest Paying Cities in the US

Downtown San Jose. Photo by Tim Wilson

Downtown San Jose. Photo by Tim Wilson

In some cities more than others, “it’s all about the money.” Although most of the time more goes into the equation of where someone is going to live than just potential salary, knowing where the highest paying jobs are located can help influence that decision.

US News recently released its Best Jobs Rankings for 2016, which included median salaries in its assessments. The publication then looked through the list of jobs and found in which cities certain jobs paid the most.
Be warned: cities with high salaries usually have equally high cost of living expenses. Someone who knows how to squeeze all he can get out of every dollar could do well in these cities.

1.    San Jose, California: Nurse anesthetist–$232,970; Nurse practitioner–$139,570; Computer systems analyst–$108,500
2.    San Francisco, California: Statistician–$121,300; Software developer–$118,690; Web developer–$91,560
3.    Washington, DC: Operations research analyst–$108,510; Computer systems analyst–$103,750; Web developer–$84,990
4.    New York, New York: Operations research analyst–$113,350; Audiologist–$107,530; Accountant–$93,160.
5.    Bridgeport, Connecticut: IT Manager–$160,180; Marketing manager–$158,460; Computer systems analyst–$108,040.

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