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What to do in the Current Bond Market

What to do in the Current Bond Market

The year has not gotten off to a good start in the bond market world. In fact, it is the worst this market has been in decades.

According to the Bloomberg Aggregate Bond index, the bond market is down 6.66%. T.Rowe Price, a leading asset manager, reported the gravest bond market performance over a three-month period since 1980. The United States Treasury has not seen such low rates in a quarter since 1926 when data was initially collected.

And while it may not be easy to maintain bonds at this time, there are actually quite a few good reasons to hold on to them. Bonds are a safe bet; they can serve as a sort of insurance policy for the times when stocks and investments decline. Overall, bonds will always provide a return in an emergency. When everyone is looking to flee to stable economic waters, bonds are great assets to have. Specifically, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) are doing exactly what they are meant to do: perform well during high inflation. Buying new bonds now will offer better interest rates in investment-grade corporate bonds now. These bonds are not as stable or safe as those from the Treasury, but they should be steady enough to provide a return when maintained through maturity.

COVID 19: Where is the Global Economy Headed?

As we all know, the entertainment and hospitality industry  suffered the biggest blow with the coronavirus pandemic.  A recent UNCTAD Report (presented in conjunction with UNWTO) has put the figure of financial loss with the international tourism sector at adding over $4trillion to the worldwide GDP for 2020 and 2021. It’s not just tourism but… Continue Reading

Global Inflation

Inflation has spiraled everywhere.  According to Andrei Belousov, Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister, there are various reasons for this: a dwindling monetary policy and reduced cross-border capital flows.  He said: “The inflation wave has affected the world’s economy quite unexpectedly. We know inflation in the US is unprecedentedly high, over 4%. An inflation wave starts… Continue Reading

Global Financial Services Market

Financiers anticipate that the financial services market around the world will see a substantial increase this year from an approximated $20,490.46 billion from 2020 to  $22,515.17 billion this year.  In 2025 the anticipated CAGR rate of growth is 6 percent with a market expectation of $28,529.29 billion The rationale behind this growth can be seen… Continue Reading

Rosalind Brewer Becomes 20th Black CEO in America

Rosalind Brewer has been named incoming CEO of Walgreens, effective March 15, 2021. This role makes Brewer, who is leaving her position as COO at Starbucks, the only Black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company. Brewer joins the other 19 Black CEOs — 17 men and two women — who have ever been listed as… Continue Reading

FinTru Opens Offices in New York

The UK-based financial services firm FinTrU opened its first North American offices in New York City. The FInTru offices are set up on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan and represent an international growth for the award-winning fintech company. “Many of our tier one investment bank clients are based in New York so it was… Continue Reading

Brooks Brothers Changes Course Due to Corona

Brooks Brothers Changes Course Due to Corona

In March, the Brooks Brothers clothing manufacturer was praised for its quick response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The designer brand transitioned its three US factories to produce personal protective equipment for medical teams and frontline workers. But these same factories are now at risk of becoming casualties of the virus they were working to protect… Continue Reading

Earth Day 2020 goes Digital

Earth Day 2020 goes Digital

Every year, on April 21 the world gathers to celebrate Earth Day. It is the day we are encouraged to think about the environment, consider the footprint we are leaving on this planet, and measures we can take to ensure global health. Earth Day 2020 was different, considering the novel coronavirus. Isolation regulations made it… Continue Reading