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Women: Quotes on Investments

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, board chair and president of Charles Schwab Foundation, senior vice president of Charles Schwab & Co., and board chair of Schwab Charitable said:

“For women, financial independence is a matter of necessity. [She has] “long been a champion of women taking control of their finances as a means of being individually strong, as well as being strong partners and members of their communities.”

This is clear since there is definitely a lack of women in the hedge fund industry.  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, out of the top 50 funds, only two of them are run by women.  One recently retired hedge fund investing partner (the only one at the firm), Dominique Mielle even those women in hedge funds aren’t in the top positions.  She said:

“The only women we know that exist at hedge funds are in IR or sales, and therefore that’s where they put them.”

This sentiment was echoed by hedge fund industry veteran who finally did become managing director but was the only female on the executive committee.  Marjorie Kaufman said:

“The everyday reality of being at a hedge fund is to lock yourself in the fraternity basement where everyone around is acting like a frat bro.”

Meanwhile, senior financial planner and VP of Investments with Arcadia Wealth Management, Allison Vanaski had this advice for women:

“You must be able to set aside money today, for some point in the future when you won’t have an income.”

Accredited wealth management advisor and vice president of VFG Associates, Tiffany Welka advised women to:

“Create a goal or investing strategy and stick to it. If you have what you want in mind, everything that you invest in should be working to push you further toward your goal.”

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