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Christine Lagarde at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, has warned about the United States’ fiscal conditions numerous times. Her most recent discussion took place at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Russia, where she explained that the nation’s tax increases and spending cuts are likely to have significant negative impact on the global economy.

Lagarde told reporters:

“We discussed over lunch with the leaders of APEC, the global economic situation, with the three key risks that we see on the horizon…a combination of factors that could also increase the vulnerabilities of emerging economies.”

Lagarde confirmed the IMF’s support for the European Central Bank’s newest project, and expressed their interest in helping with the program design and monitoring.

“Clearly when we get involved we want to be involved both in the design and monitoring of programs. We don’t particularly like to do monitoring without having participated actively in the design.”

Jobs and Wages Increase in China Despite Slow Economy

The struggling global economy has impacted employment, wages, industries and both import and export markets all over the world. China, though disappointed by slow growth, is one of several countries that has managed to continue generating jobs and increase wages despite the obstacles. Which isn’t to say that their economy is thriving- as a matter… Continue Reading

U.S. Economy Slowing Once Again

Despite hopeful outlooks and talks of growth, the U.S. economy is floundering. Winter activity was strong, but as the weather warmed, consumers cut back on their spending while export demand fell as well. Gas prices rose, while businesses minimized their employment plans and investments. The situation remains at a relative standstill as individuals and companies… Continue Reading

2012 To See Little Growth, Poll Shows

A recent poll of hundreds of economists has revealed that the global economy will continue to struggle throughout 2012, but will begin to see significant growth by 2013. Though many expected 2012 to be a rough year, even experts believed the United States’ resilience would keep the economy above water. Numerous successful emerging markets contributed… Continue Reading

IMF Reveals Bleak Outlook for Global Economy

A recent statement by the IMF claims that the world is perched precariously on the backs of the U.S. and European economies. Global growth will remain stunted until they improve. According to their website, Europe’s persistent crisis has hindered global economic recovery into the second quarter. Predictions from the World Economic Outlook say global economy… Continue Reading

Reserve Bank of Australia Makes Cuts in Face of Global Uncertainty

As finance ministers across the globe rally to discuss the flailing economy, Australia’s central bank is cutting interest rates in an effort to boost confidence throughout the nation. The country’s overseas outlook is relatively bleak, and local growth is slow as well. The Reserve Bank of Australia has minimized its cash rate to 3.5%, 25… Continue Reading

Spain’s Recession Lowers S&P 500 Index

Spain’s recession and extremely slow business activity have lowered the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index despite a positive four-month streak. Caterpillar Inc., Monsanto and Bank of America all fell a minimum of 1.7%, while Humana Inc. slid a whopping 8.1%. NYSE Euronext dropped as well, and also recorded an almost 50% fall in revenue. Microsoft’s… Continue Reading

Singapore’s Tharman Shanmugaratnam on the Global Economy

At the end of the recent IMF meetings, Singapore’s finance minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam warned that the US and Europe should both be prepared for several more years of economic turmoil. As chair of the International Monetary Fund’s governing body, Shanmugaratnam explained that he has finally begun to feel that political leaders understand the enormity of… Continue Reading

Debt Crisis Continues to Assail Global Economy

Financial headlines continue their repetitive, three-year trend, stating once again that debt crisis turmoil and economic confusion have lowered Asian stocks on Monday. Benchmark oil fell to $102 a barrel, and though the dollar gained momentum opposite the euro, it lost value against the yen. The Nikkei also fell 1.4% to 9,502.95 as the yen… Continue Reading