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The Return of the Millionaire

Global Financial Crisis Ending

It seems like the global financial crisis is coming to an end finally. The count of millionaires is increasing once more. According to the World Wealth Report, levels last year increased by 8.3 percent to 10.9m and America seems to home to a lot of these, ranking one percent of the population. According to the study by Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, female millionaires have gone up from 24 percent to 27 percent in the last three years. It was a good idea the way investors behaved, by “moving away from cash holdings and deposits into riskier equities.” According to head of US Wealth management for Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, John Thiel, this really “paid off.” As well, confidence in the market has really “picked up” during this time frame.

Good Times Ahead

The study interviewed 23 brokerages around the world. They “predicted that interest in equities would continue to rise while reliance on real estate to build wealth would fall.” In terms of placement, more than half of the world’s millionaires are living in America, Japan and Germany. There have of course been events such as the Japanese earthquake which have had an impact on people’s wealth and the worldwide financial crisis but in a sense this has helped the growth of this one specific (very wealthy) group. Indeed, for those who are really rich – the ultra-high-net-worth individuals (those netting more than $30m), their growth escalation was more than 10.2 percent.

Gap Goes Global

It’s not like Gap Inc. – the popular American clothing company – hasn’t already gone global already. It has. But now there is even more potential global growth in the company. Recent announcement from the company was that it will be traveling to both Serbia and Ukraine before the end of the year. The first… Continue Reading

Diminishing Dollar Depreciates

More bad news about the dollar. Just today it has depreciated further to “three-year lows.” This has resulted in US crude oil jumping to a 2 ½ year high and rising Asian stocks “as investors bet that the easy U.S. monetary policy will continue to drive money to riskier assets.” It is anticipated that the… Continue Reading

2012 US Budget Plan: Good or Bad News?

Republicans United on Budget Plan The House of Representatives agreed on a budget plan last week (at a vote of 235-193) for 2012 which will involve “slashing trillions of dollars in government spending while cutting taxes.” This looks like it’s fantastic news, but since there is no such thing as a free lunch, who is… Continue Reading

Doom and Gloom Ahead for Global Economy?

Things aren’t looking good again. We keep hearing about the global economic crisis but were hoping that the recovery from it was well underway. Unfortunately, when looking at the stats, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Oil prices are increasing, sovereign debt burdens are becoming unsustainable and along with lack of certainty vis-à-vis the… Continue Reading

Economic Health Track

Preventive Global Economic Crisis Measures It was bad enough that we had to endure the worst global economic crisis since the Second World War, but what would be even worse would be not learning from it. So what can be done today? Measures need to be taken now to ensure a continual “tracking of economic… Continue Reading

America Stocks and Shares in Flux

Alcoa Inc. Up and Down US Stock traders might want to think twice before acting following the International Monetary Fund’s estimate slash for US economic growth. This led to a general plummet in stocks – such as Alcoa Inc. – yesterday at closing. However, the company did have some good news having a first quarter… Continue Reading

Where Is the IMF Headed?

With the global economy still in somewhat of a crisis and all the events in Japan impacting world finances too, it might be understandable if one were to inquire about the current position of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today. Of course though, when it comes to such large monetary issues, where there are two… Continue Reading

Global Food Imports Impacted by Japan

<h3>Japan’s Potential Radiation Leaves Food Shortage</h3> The consequences of Japan’s recent disasters are starting to have an impact on global food imports.  Along with America, Australia and Singapore have now been restricting food and milk imports from there, with Canada set to also pull the reins on its screening.  Those living in Tokyo have even… Continue Reading