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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Companies That Will Not Live Out the Coming Year

Every Year Many Companies Go Belly-Up

If you are old enough to remember companies like TWA, Pan Am, Woolworth’s and lots more, then you know that even the seemingly most stable, powerful and successful companies can go belly-up despite their prestige and branding.

History teaches its students that the future is just a remake of the past, and what we learn from the deceased mega-companies strewn along the economic road to success is that many industries are brutally competitive, embodying without pity the laws of survival of the fittest. Falling behind in efficiency, financing or innovation will leave a company vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the marketplace.

Here are the ten companies which 24/7 Wall Street predicts will disappear in 2013: (Some of these companies may still exist, but in a different form or by virtue of being swallowed by a bigger fish.)

•    American Airlines
•    Research in Motion
•    Pacific Sunwear
•    Suzuki
•    Current TV
•    Talbots
•    Avon
•    MetroPCS
•    The Oakland Raiders (Leaving Oakland)

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