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Have an Idea? Just Do It!

Nick D’Aloisio, a 17-year-old London schoolboy recently sold his smartphone news app to Yahoo! for $30 million. He advises anyone with a tech idea to just do it, explaining that the money is there, “just waiting for clever new moves.”

“If you have a good idea, or you think there’s a gap in the market, just go out and launch it because there are investors across the world right now looking for companies to invest in,” D’Aloisio said in a phone interview with Reuters.

The app, called Summly, has a long list of backers which includes Yoko Ono and Rupert Murdoch. The sale’s terms have not yet been released, but D’Aloisio is joining Yahoo! as its youngest employee. He is also finishing up his school exams. He shared that he plans to invest his Summly earnings, but that his age presents legal limitations.

“I’m happy with that and working with my parents to go through that whole process,” he said.

D’Aloisio launched his app in November of 2012.

“It’s been super-exciting, the investors found out about it in 2012 once the original investment from Li Ka-shing had gone public,” he said. “They all believed in the idea, but they all offered different experiences to help us out.”

“The great deal about joining Yahoo! is that they have a lot of publishers, they have deals with who we can work with now,” he added.

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