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Facebook: A Company Focus

As the uproar from its recent IPO dies down, Facebook is facing some fresh challenges. For one, the IPO did not advance as well as planned, with the FB stocks already sliding in the market.

Though analysts maintain positive outlooks for the stock’s long-term ratings, investors are generally concerned about the company’s ability to continue increasing revenue. Today, Facebook has almost one billion users across the globe, but according to comScore new user and visitor rates have slowed significantly since the platform’s inception.

Likewise, users spent over six hours per month on Facebook this past April- 16% more than last year. However, the growth rate in 2011 was reportedly 23%.

In a rally effort, Facebook has revealed several new offerings for mobile users. These include apps for photos, messages and even business brand page management. Other applications will be more easily accessible. Facebook-related games based on popular films and books such as the Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin will also be released in the near future.

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