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Rising Economy Boosts Obama Ratings in North Carolina

A recent Elon Poll has revealed that President Barack Obama is gaining support in North Carolina as economic optimism increases.

Questions involving Obama and his policies gained higher approval rates since last year. For example, 28.5% of the participants showed support for Obama’s handling of the economy, up from 22.9% in November.

Elon Poll’s John Robinson said “The improvement of President Obama’s favorable ratings is worth nothing. He’s upside down in the sense that his unfavorable are still higher than his favorable, but that gap is narrowing.”

Robinson added that the higher ratings are a result of the improving economy, as well as Republican campaigns.

“People associate the economy’s health, good or bad, with whoever the president is,” he explained. “People have watched the Republican candidates criticize each other in twenty different debates and campaign stops. They are criticizing each other rather than criticizing the president and people feel better about Obama because he isn’t getting bashed by them.”

Mileah Kromer, also of the Elon Poll, added that placing the Democratic convention in Charlotte was a wise move, because of North Carolina’s remarkable impact on 2012’s election.

“North Carolina is an important swing state for his re-election campaign,” she said. “Florida and Ohio really were in 2004 and 2008, and I really think that North Carolina is in 2012. It’s certainly strategic for the Democrats, and it’s certainly an important state for Obama to try to win.”

Robinson supported this opinion by saying “There is a reason that the president was here this week, that his wife was here two weeks ago, that the vice president was here three weeks ago. And that’s because they see North Carolina as an important part of their re-election strategy.”

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