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Adidas Leading Sportswear Industry with Significant Yearly Growth

Adidas recently revealed a 31% increase in yearly sales in North America, while its competitors have reported losses of up to 3%.  According to Nike and Under Armour, the athletic market is becoming more difficult to navigate, but Adidas’ gains indicate that that isn’t the case.

Mark King, head of Adidas North America, explained that the company’s successful strategy is not complicated. “We’re focusing on what the consumer wants,” he said.

It’s all about timing: getting the right product out at the right time. One example is the brand’s athletic-styled lifestyle running sneakers, which are proving more popular than the basketball and other sport-centered shoes that competitors have built their businesses on. According to Business Insider, some of Adidas’s trendiest shoes include Ultra Boost, Alpha Boost, Pure Boost and the Stan Smith. King has confirmed that the brand’s running category has doubled its market share.

He has also revealed that Adidas works hard to keep up with their customer trends, following the scene online and spending significant resources on ecommerce.

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