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8 Online Safety Tips for Small Businesses: eSafely

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Symantec recently launched a survey of US small businesses which revealed that although most believe they are safe from hackers and malware, their online security policies are extremely weak. As a result, small businesses are especially vulnerable.

The survey offers eight tips for improving online safety and ensuring safe internet use for small businesses:

  • Know what you need to protect.

  • Enforce strong password policies.

  • Map out a disaster preparedness plan today.

  • Encrypt confidential information.

  • Use a reliable security solution.

  • Protect information completely.

  • Stay up to date.

  • Educate employees.

Internet security is an issue wherever a network is open, whether at an office, a home computer or a public network such as those as libraries and coffee shops. Households with children are another easy target for hackers, and keeping personal information private and secure should be a priority. Educate your employees or household members to ensure that they practice safe internet use. Parents with young children may want to install parental controls like eSafely to keep their information safe and secure as well as to protect their children from inappropriate content or bullying.

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