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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Economy Thawing as GDP Expands

Now that the long, cold winter is fading into the past, spring is bringing warmth as well as growth to the US economy. According to the government, the US economy saw 4.6 percent annualized growth during the 2nd quarter of 2014, compared to a 2.1 percent slowdown in the first quarter. Analysts expressed optimism that the data bodes well for the economic growth for the rest of the year.

The announced GDP numbers were even better than that predicted 4.2 percent growth projected one month ago. The new data reflects improvements in business investments and exports. Analysts at JP Morgan foresee a 3 percent growth in GDP in 2015, a serious improvement over the growth rates of previous years which hovered in the vicinity of only 2 percent ever since the recession ended in June, 2009.

Policymakers at the Federal Reserve made a decision last week to keep an important short-term interest rate close to zero, close to record lows, for a “considerable time” into the foreseeable future.

Alibaba Opening Doors to US Investors

The excitement on Wall Street is becoming palpable as investors, analysts and observers watch carefully what magic the Chinese on-line giant Alibaba is going to create when it launches its initial public offering. Some are saying the stock-offering will break records as it ventures to expand its already huge role as a global company looking… Continue Reading

Dangerous US Volcanoes Not Monitored Well

According to a government report, the US is much more vulnerable to volcanic disasters even than Iceland, and yet is failing to monitor the threat as needed. The government report, issued by the US Geological Survey, sited 169 active volcanoes in the US- almost one third of them classified as ‘serious threats.’ Of those 55… Continue Reading

Low Profit Margins Do Not Always Mean Low Profits

A survey conducted by the financial information company Sageworks revealed US industries with the lowest profit margins over the past 12 months. The company examined over 1,000 industries and discovered that the vast majority of sectors are showing positive profit margins, while the most profitable industries have two digit margins. Profit margins are a good… Continue Reading