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Business Travelers Today

Traveling for Business can be a great experience.

Traveling for Business can be a great experience.

Business travel today doesn’t have to include cramped accommodations and frustrating interactions in dark cafes and restaurants. Rather, the possibilities are truly endless for finding exactly what you’re looking for with either a boutique hotel or a private apartment.

The benefits of the private apartment for business travel are endless. The business traveler has his own privacy and quiet. There is no fear that neighboring guests will be noisy and there is no reason to go out for every meal. With a kitchen, a laundry room and other amenities, the business traveler can truly make himself at home and feel much more settled than he would in a hotel. One such example is the Saas-Fee luxury apartment owned by Marnin Michaels in Saas-Fee village. It’s a 4-star, 4-bedroom chalet-apartment in downtown Saas-Fee. It has all of the amenities that make it comfortable for the business person to remain for as long as necessary, and even to entertain business associates in the apartment as necessary.

Another option for business travelers is to find a boutique hotel that offers quiet accommodations and more privacy that the busy chain hotel. Recently interviewed by Forbes, James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy of the hotel booking service Mr. & Mrs. Smith offer many creative ideas. Some of their suggestions include: the Establishment Hotel or QT in Sydney; The Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore; La Residence in Franschhoek; The Cullen in Melbourne; Crosby Street Hotel in NYC and many others.

Other hotels to keep your eyes on, according to Mr. & Mrs. Smith, include Sir Albert in Amsterdam and The High Line Hotel in the US.

Euro Reaches 4-Year High Against the Yen

The euro has peaked against the yen for the first time in four years, while also reaching a one-month high against the dollar. Learn more with Reuters’ Angeline Ong as she discusses the current situation in Europe with CIBC‘s Chief  FX Strategist Jeremy Stretch:


Dropbox Breaks into Business Market

Dropbox, an internet-based file hosting service, has become one of the most promising ventures in Silicon Valley over the last six years.

This week, the startup invited journalists to its China Basin offices for a progress update. According to the company, Dropbox has more than 200 million users with more than 1 billion files saved in Dropbox each day.

“There are more files saved to Dropbox each day than Tweets on Twitter,” said Drew Houston, Dropbox CEO.

Houston also revealed Dropbox’s new target: businesses. He explained that many businesses are already incorporating Dropbox. Last year, more than 400 companies used the service.

“People love that they can work from anywhere. People love they can have their work stuff and personal stuff together for the first time,” he explained.

Many companies have also discovered that their employees rely on Dropbox for their careers. BCBG Max Azria’s Nader Karimi said: “We found out hundreds and hundreds of (employees) were using Dropbox without us having any idea.”

“All of our most important information” was on Dropbox, he added.

Dropbox is introducing a new service to address the concerns of companies like these. Called “Dropbox for Business”, the platform gives company IT administrators new security features such as auditing and compliance tools and the capability to remotely wipe clean certain folders – say, from the account of a departing employee, according to user’s folders are combined in a single account, but organized in two separate “containers”: a personal folder and business folder.

Houston said: “If all this looks pretty simple to use, that’s the point. But under the hood, there has been all this crazy stuff we’ve had to do,” said Houston. “No one has done this before. No one has built a product that both users love and IT loves.”

Bridgewater Associates Founder Discusses the Economic Machine

Ray Dalio, the founder of $150 billion hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, recently decided to reach out to the public without allowing the media to, well, mediate.

Dalio explained: “The economy works like a simple machine. But many people don’t understand it— or they don’t agree on how it works — and this has led to a lot of needless economic suffering. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to share my simple but practical economic template. Though it’s unconventional, it has helped me to anticipate and sidestep the global financial crisis, and has worked well for me for over 30 years.”

Zach Kouwe, a PR executive in New York, said: “This is great PR for Bridgewater – it will help the firm recruit the best and the brightest thinkers from around the world and will likely attract investors as people from Asia to Africa learn about Mr. Dalio’s successful strategies and theories on the economy.

Here is the full 30 minute explanation from Ray Dalio: