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Unilever Consumer Products Are Ubiquitous

Unilever NV (UN) produces and sells consumer goods throughout the world. It markets personal care, home care and food products. The company was started in 1927 and has a long history of producing dependable, reasonable quality products. Also, because the products are everyday staples as opposed to luxury items, these products remain in family budgets while others are cut to save money. One of Unilever’s newest products is water filters. These are being sold in Mexico and Brazil so that people can drink filtered water from the tap.

Unilever also has a mentoring program to support upper level management in their professional development.

Unilever’s income has gone up over the last two years and it has also increased during the first half of 2011. The company is expanding rapidly and its stock is fairly inexpensive, selling at $31 per share. In addition, over the last year the stock price has fluctuated between $29 and $34. Additionally, this limited range also makes Unilever a good stock for day trading. In addition, the company pays quarterly dividends.

Among the top management of Unilever are the CEO, Paul Polman, the CFO, Jean-Marc Huet and the new COO Harish Manwani.

You Can Also Pick From the Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Inc. (DLTR), is just what the doctor ordered for an ailing economy. Most people are cutting their budgets and Dollar tree is helping them. The company operates 4,176 variety discount stores in the United States and Canada. The chain offers everyday goods such as beauty care, health, food, and candy, plastic and paper… Continue Reading

A Solid Silver Opportunity

There is a silver trading company whose stock has been steadily rising for the last two years and continues to rise. The company is Endeavor Silver Corp. (EXK). It has agreements to buy silver at low prices from silver mines in Mexico and Chile. EXK was renamed in 2004 from the original company, Endeavour Gold… Continue Reading

High End Retailing Continues To Prosper

The markets are volatile, American and European debt are out of control, and unemployment and underemployment are rising. Under these conditions we might assume that everyone is cutting back on their spending. We see that the low cost retail chains and products are doing better and the mid-priced products are losing customers. However, as Jon… Continue Reading

ARC Investment Partners Leads New Investment in Guanya Education Group

One of China’s major growth industries today is English language education. The rapid growth of this industry is due to the generally fast expansion of China’s economy, including rising disposable income and a fast-paced trend towards urbanization throughout the country. Guanya Education Group is one of the leaders in China’s English Education sector, with a… Continue Reading

Diamonds Are Still Worth A Lot Of Money

Harry Winston Diamond Corporation has a double niche in the diamond market. The company mines and sells rough diamonds as one business. The retail demand for diamonds especially in emerging economies like India and China is strong and results in good prices for rough diamonds. In the second quarter of 2011, Harry Winston producded .72… Continue Reading

Right On Target

Target Corp (TGT) started this year with its stock tumbling from $60.77 and hitting bottom in June at 46.46. It now seems to be on its way back up, currently at 52.66. Target is a general merchandiser covering a wide range of products at low prices. This is especially advantageous today when people are worrying… Continue Reading

Concretize Your Profits

Smith Midland Corp (SMID.OB) is a company that develops, sells, licenses and rents precast concrete products for construction, and highway and noise barriers. The business was started in 1960 by Rodney I. Smith and his father David Smith. Today, Rodney’s son, Ashley B. smith, who has a BA in Business Administration, serves as the COO.… Continue Reading