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Non-Profits Can Benefit from the Unique Services Diversegy Offers

Whether an organization operates as a for-profit or non-profit, it can benefit from the services of Diversegy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd. Diversegy can help all types of companies, large small and everything in between, save money. Using their purchasing power and expertise, Diversegy can reduce operating expenses and bring added value to a company’s bottom line.

Think of Diversegy as an in-house energy consultant, without being on your payroll.

How does Diversegy do what it does best? Highly skilled energy professionals work with and represent their clients in a variety of ways:

  • Through tough negotiating of energy supply rates and terms.
  • Doing in depth utility bill audits to uncover areas of inefficiencies and opportunities for potential savings.
  • Looking for and discovering ways to improve consumption efficiency proposing ways to conserve energy optimize usage.
  • Researching and delivering the best products and services available; for example, demand meters, solar, wholesale supply and uniquely structured pricing options.
  • Following the commodities markets for the best timing to lock-in to the best rates.

With the costs of energy constantly rising and falling, it makes sense to have an energy advisor like Diversegy working on your behalf to cut back on what is likely one of your greatest expenses. They are truly experts in the field, with experience that extends beyond advisory, to include in-house supply-side procurement experience.

Non-profits can especially benefit from the services provided by Diversegy. An energy advisor can really make every hard-earned dollar go the distance. Having a larger percentage of funds raised going to the causes supported by the organization is a valuable asset for non-profits. Reducing operating expenses is a high priority of responsible non-profits, and Diversegy can be the answer to achieving that goal.

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