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Earth Day 2020 goes Digital

Earth Day 2020 goes Digital

Every year, on April 21 the world gathers to celebrate Earth Day. It is the day we are encouraged to think about the environment, consider the footprint we are leaving on this planet, and measures we can take to ensure global health.

Earth Day 2020 was different, considering the novel coronavirus. Isolation regulations made it hard to enjoy nature. School closures kept kids from learning about conservation.   

Historic New York institutions would not let Earth Day’s 50th anniversary go uncelebrated though. They took the events online. Hikes, trivia games, sessions with scientists, and rocket launches were all made available to the public via the world wide web.

Virtual hike of a New York City trail during Earth Day 2020

The American Museum of Natural History hosted a full day festival, that took visitors from their home all the way to Mars. The Staten Island Museum used Earth Day as an opportunity to launch an interactive science fair, with more than 20 instructional videos on environmental skills, using natural resources for everyday needs, beekeeping, and raising butterflies.

Even the city’s parks offered virtual tours and visiting opportunities to rare New York gems like the Alley Pond Giant, a massive tulip tree in Alley Pond Park in Queens that dates back about 350 years. A tree-themed meditation moment was also introduced.

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