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Businesses Adopting Sustainability Model in 2023

A recent report from Aflac shows that 77% of 2023 consumers are more willing to buy from a company with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pledge. In 2023, businesses are incorporating sustainability into their models. Adopting a sustainable approach, though, may require large overhauls to the company’s operations. Top organizations are recognizing the importance of partnerships with experienced consultants in order to successfully administer these complex shifts.

Many companies are partnering with Bearing Point, a management and technology consulting company. Bearing Point was bought by Saur, a French-based leading water management company whose goal is to safeguard water as a valuable resource. By partnering with Bearing Point, the two organizations successfully developed a sustainability roadmap, which established specific financial and environmental targets to preserve annual water use in cities and sign power purchase agreements to reach 100% green electricity.

73% of investors are more interested in companies who have taken a CSR pledge, and business leaders recognize that they are held responsible for the environmental impact of their business. This awareness has led major tech companies, such as Dell, Amazon, Apple and Google, to pledge over the past year to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainability measures. The company websites now feature an environmental commitment, and this move toward adopting sustainability practices is winning serious points with consumers.

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