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18 Year Old Develops App to Recognize Clean Water

Business is not only for adults, as more and more teens are entering the workforce with innovative ideas and solutions to a wide range of problems. 18-year-old Sharon Linn is one such example. An MIT freshman, Lin just won the #BuiltByGirls startup challenge thanks to an app she is working on that aims to help people recognize clean water in underdeveloped countries. CEO of her own company and Youth Poet Laureate in NYC this year, Lin is in a position to significantly impact the tech industry.

Her app, which relies on her company White Water, for support, will analyze photos of water samples and recognize the different strains of bacteria in them- especially those which may be harmful. The app is currently being developed, and is creating a database with the help of water sample photos from China.

“It’s given me the confidence of knowing that there are people who care about issues such as water analysis, and that there is genuine interest in developing enterprise software for developing nations.”

Lin’s interest in clean water solutions is personal; she has family in rural China and has been exposed first-hand to the importance of recognizing and accessing clean water. Through her studies at MIT, she hopes to continue to work on these issues and promote awareness throughout the tech world so that new ideas move forward.

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