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A New and Improved Siri

Recent reports suggest that Apple may be fixing its iPhone voice-enabled task and search manager by boosting its speed and accuracy.

Siri, though loved by many users, is often very slow. Business Insider explains that this is “because your voice commands are being transferred to Siri’s brain, which is online in the cloud, before an answer is delivered back to you.”

However, according to 9to5Mac, “Apple is testing a local, offline version of Dictation voice input for iOS devices, according to strings of code found inside of the iOS 7 beta.

“….While we do not have evidence of this, it seems plausible that Apple could eventually port over this technology from Dictation to Siri. This would allow certain queries to Siri to take place at a quicker pace.”

A new and improved Siri would significantly boost Apple in its competition with Google Now, the accurate voice command system on Android phones.

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